Sora makes a comeback

By Adam Robles

The main crew—Goofy, Sora, and Donald take a stance for battle. Photo Courtesy of IMDB.

“Kingdom Hearts 3” was released to the public for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles last month, while the last main game “Kingdom Hearts 2” was released Dec. 22, 2005 for the PlayStation 2.

Fans waited for more than 13 years for this mainline sequel.

The game was developed by Square Enix, in partnership with Disney and Pixar Animations.
The overall plot is convoluted with many storylines going on at once. Even fans that have played all the games in the series, including the spin-offs, may have some trouble following every detail.

A basic overview of the story would be the battle between good and evil reaching its 11 hour.
In this game, Square Enix has created its own cast of characters that either work with or fight against Disney characters from different eras.

The main character for the majority of the game is Sora.
Sora is a character that has been there since the first game and is one of the many Keyblade wielders.
A Keyblade wielder is anyone in the game who wields one of the many Keyblades and may be either a master, protector of light, or even a student.

This is easily one of the hardest jobs to have because Keyblade wielders are expected to play their side of the war between light and darkness.

Keyblades are only wielded by people with strong hearts and ambitions.

It’s the only weapon that can properly take down enemies known as The Heartless.

For the majority of the game, Sora and his crew of Donald Duck and Goofy venture off to a variety of different Disney worlds that are based off of many classic Disney films.

For instance, the players get to fight alongside Hercules in order to climb Mount Olympus and defeat the titans who are helping Hades cause mischief.In another world, players shrink down to toy size and get to meet some of the characters from “Toy Story.”

While fighting at the players side, the characters from Disney/Pixar lore become stronger and get tossed into shenanigans with players fighting other giant robot toys.

This is an action role playing game, meaning that players go around in the shoes of a single character and beat up enemies, but there are many components of its combat.

One of the fun parts about the game’s combat is the ability to summon a variety of different things.
In this game, you can summon anything from characters such as Stitch from Lilo and Stitch, to attractions that resemble the rides from Disneyland.

These summons only add to the game because it puts on an interesting little show of random lights, or magical blasters to defeat your enemies.

Alongside that, each character can cast their own magic that deals elemental damage like fire, water, ice, wind or electricity.

This game’s story is 30-40 hours long for most people, but is a tear jerker from start to finish.
Players who want to complete the game are definitely in for a treat.

Even after you beat the game, you can still level up your character to level 99, revisit any Disney world, upgrade all your keyblades by collecting the right materials and find all of the lucky emblems in order to reveal a secret ending.

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