Dragon Prince dives into its myths and magic


Fulminis Spell— Ezran hides as Callum casts a spell to generate electricity. Photo Courtesy of Netflix

By Juan Calvillo

Netflix’s “The Dragon Prince” returns for its second season, plunging deeper into the show’s mythos and allowing its characters to grow in unexpected ways.

 Creators Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond created an interesting world in “The Dragon Prince.” Being former writers for shows like “Avatar: The Last Airbender” and video games such as “Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception,” it is no wonder why “The Dragon Prince” has such a fantastical and deep story to explore. 

The new season has gone into finer details and more of the myth that comes as part of this vibrant world.

In the first season, much of the main story is focused on the assassination of King Harrow and the events that lead to the main characters trying to stop an almost certain war. 

While the second does continue that main thread, the smaller, more personal stories become much more fascinating and lead to further interesting outcomes.

The trio that started the journey to return the dragon egg to the elven land of Xadia undergo some interesting changes in the new season. 

Rayla, the moonshadow elf assassin, grows into a more defining character this season. She begins to question who she really is and what she really wants for her life. Rayla’s moments of doubt come to a boiling point where the character finally takes a stand for what she wants and believes in.

Ezran, the youngest of the group, goes through intense maturing this season. His unique ability, revealed in the last couple of episodes of the first season, really gives the character a larger connection to the whole story. 

Ezran also begins to understand what his real role is in the larger sense. Having the youngest character on the show really go through some heavy emotional moments is interesting. 

His decisions towards the end of the season shows a character that has matured and become more than just a child. 

Despite his growing up, Ezran remains the link to some of the more humorous and kid friendly moments on the show.

Callum, the older of the two royal brothers, goes through the heaviest and most trying moments this season. 

Where his younger brother begins to learn what being mature is            all about, Callum comes to grips with not knowing what his role is in his own life. 

He struggles to come to terms with loss and difficult choices. 

His original dream seem to be slowly slipping through his fingers, and this comes to a head in                the eighth episode of the season. 

This is a spectacular episode that really shows what his inner mind and heart are going through and lays the foundation for what the character is destined to become in future seasons.

The main story plot continues being a war between the humans and elves. Viren, who was King Harrow’s friend and now is ruling in his stead, has used his position to advocate for war. 

Reaching out to the other human kingdoms, he tries to convince them that war is all but inevitable. 

These moments show more of the real history behind the world of “The Dragon Prince.” There is an entire subplot that shows why King Harrow’s kingdom is one of the more prominent human kingdoms. 

It also shows how many of the problems started for both the human and elven worlds.

The introduction of a new villain in the form of Aaravos, an elven mage who seems evil, makes           the audience really start to wonder who is the main villain. While in season one, Viren was seen as the only main antagonist, the second season holds two. 

This inclusion shows that the story is far from the clear cut, good versus evil situation. The               finer character details and multiple layers in the story give the second season of “The Dragon Prince” big life lessons and fantastical adventure.

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