Exhibit reveals ’90s party life among Latinos

By Melody Ortiz

Artist Guadalupe Rosales lead a walkthrough with art critic Andy Campbell on her exhibit “Echoes of a Collective Memory” on Saturday at the Vincent Price Art Museum.

The exhibit shows the party life of the ’90s Latino youth. The walkthrough, which was more of a Q&A, was a way to celebrate the closing of the exhibit. 

Rosales encouraged visitors to not only ask questions, but share personal stories and statements.

Many personal stories were from visitors who heard stories from older relatives and had not had any visual references until Rosales’s exhibit. 

Many statements were of thanks to the artist for collecting authentic items. For example, lip liner was a big trend in the ’90s. 

Instead of displaying any lip liner, Rosales went to search for a specific liner that was commonly used during those times.

The exhibit includes slideshows of pictures and videos of young latinos/as, club music, party flyers and a shrine devoted to her cousin, Ever Sanchez. 

Sanchez died of gang violence in 1996 during a party. 

Rosales initially started to      gather personal things of  Sanchez’s which led to gathering things related to ’90s parties and eventually       into things that related to the lives of the latino youth community in that decade.

“It’s a very important show that makes visible so many issues that pertain to the experiences of brown youth in Los Angeles,” said artist Rafa Esparza.

Rosales said she would be in New York this week for lecture visits at schools including Yale University. 

She is in the process of getting together another exhibit in New York along with dancer                      Mariana Valencia. 

She hopes to make it a more active version of   her previous exhibits. 

“Echos of a Collective Memory” is  on  display at VPAM  until  March 23.

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