OPINION: Preparing better than cramming for midterms

CN/ Melody Ortiz

By Giselle Arroyo

Midterms are just around the corner and students should begin preparing for them now. Now is the time to start thinking ahead and figure out how to tackle them. 

This way students don’t stress out about  exams the night before. 

This allows students to focus on how they want to spend spring break. 

According to ThoughtCo., studying at least a week early can help reduce stress because students give themselves enough time to absorb the information instead of just cramming it the night before.

Students should prepare to study for midterms early so that way they know the criteria for the exam ahead of time.

Students should go back and read the syllabus. The syllabus has information on what the midterm will be based on. 

If students are not sure ask the instructor what specific sections will be requested for the midterm. 

This way the exam questions will seem easier, and the questions will come with less of a shock.

Show up to class fully focused and ready to learn. 

Attending class helps students not miss viable information that might show up in the exam. 

In class students can take the time to ask questions about the materials. 

Taking notes on the lecture will help students gain a greater understanding on whatever subject is being gone over.

Students should go home and review. Students should schedule time to study to avoid being overwhelmed. 

Review past assignments, quizzes, notes, and anything that could help on the exam. 

Students can also gather up together to study. Sometimes other students may have information that was not picked up the first time notes were taken.

If students are lucky enough to receive a study guide, they should make flash cards and highlight all the information needed. 

Doing so will help for more complete comprehension of the subject. 

Sometimes instructors will let students know what the most efficient way to study is for their midterms. However, students should not rely on this. 

Each student should do what works best in the given situation, because each person processes information differently.

Students should make sure to have plenty of rest and have a good hearty meal. Students should always be conscious of their health. 

Rest and a balanced breakfast is important when doing something taxing so early in the morning. This can make a huge difference because the body won’t feel so weak and eyes won’t be dozing off. 

Most professors note the dates of their upcoming midterms. Either announcing them to students or placing them on their syllabus. 

This gives ample time for students to make preparations.

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