Language lab temporarily relocates due to Flood

CN/Steven Adamo

By Melisa Valenzuela

The East Los Angeles College Modern Language Lab has been forced to conduct activities in the Learning Center because of a drainage pipe problem.

Amanda Ryan-Romo, the director of both the Learning Center and the Modern Languages Lab, said the problem began after a rain storm hit ELAC right before spring semester started.

The lab is located in E3’s lower level which is one of the lowest points on campus. 

The drainage system near the building was unable to support the amount of rainwater which caused the lab to become flooded. 

“We came in the first day of the semester and it had completely flooded. When we had the second big rainstorm it happened a second time,” said Romo. 

The lab is used by dozens of students every day who are taking foreign language classes.

“On any given day, there’s probably like upwards of 150 students,” Romo said. 

It’s a place where they can strengthen their language skills using the services that the lab offers. 

These services include ongoing tutoring, weekly workshops, web sources and software such as Rosetta Stone. 

Before the start of the semester the lab was moved upstairs to the Learning Center to ensure that the students can still get the help that they need. 

“We shifted all of our services up here to the best of our ability, so all of the language lab tutoring staff are all working out of here,” Romo said. 

Even though most of the lab’s services have been available in the Learning Center, the move did come with problems. 

Juan DeRuvira, the lab’s instructional assistant, said that the biggest obstacles of relocating are working in a smaller space and having limited access to all of the lab’s resources. 

He said that the transition to a new space was difficult for the students who were already accustomed to the lab, and that running both centers out of one location has caused overcrowding.

ELAC is fixing the problem by hiring construction teams and cleaning services. 

Construction is currently underway and the lab is expected to reopen Monday.    

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