Senate proposes revisions to CSULA impaction plan

By Giselle Arroyo and Miguel Barragan

A proposal regarding the California State University Los Angeles impaction was approved yesterday for submission, as well as the Women/ Gender Opening Day proposal, by the East Los Angeles College Academic Senate.

Jeffrey Hernandez, President of the East Los Angeles Academic Senate Committee and Political Science professor, said that the senate is going to propose to the ASCC (Academic Senate for California Community Colleges) a resolution of alternatives to the CSULA impaction.

The proposal will be introduced to the Academic Senate for Community Colleges for further revisions and approval. 

An alternative proposed, not only by the senate, but by community members, is a one-year moratorium, which would be a pause on the plan by CSULA, so that community members, including faculty and students, could have a say in the direction of impaction. 

Many have rejected the idea of impaction entirely and feel that CSULA should focus on getting the adequate funding needed to support their increase in enrollment.

“The concern is that when Cal States declares impaction they can use that as a reason for raising the admission criteria of students who would ordinarily be admitted to them, either through freshman or transfer …the pathway for those students to get a bachelor’s degree has been cut off. So we all got really upset about that,” Hernandez said. 

As a tribute to women’s suffrage, Opening Day 2019 will provide students with inclusion and equal opportunities. 

The Women/Gender studies committee provided a list of potential workshop topics that would be available to students, as well as a list of suggested and invited speakers. 

“Some of these students could be our veterans, our LGBTQ students…it could be out returning mothers, single parents, our homeless population, our second language students and the list goes on. We want opening day to be inclusive of these students,” Nancy Ramirez ELAC English professor said.

Regardless of gender, race, immigration status, sexual orientation, or any other barrier, students’ voices can be heard on Opening Day. 

Elac faculty is also preparing to nominate students for an Academic Senate Scholarship.

However, each department can’t nominate more than two students. 

The award will be distributed on May 18, during the Annual Scholarship dinner, and the ceremony will take place on May 23. 

The next academic senate meeting is on March 26 at 12:10 pm in G1-301 A/B.

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