VPAM hosts ‘edit-a-thon’


CN/ Maria Marroquin Monroy The scene of the event—Stacy Allan, executive editor of East of Borneo online magazine, helps attendees with their questions at the event last Saturday.

By Maria Marroquin Monroy

The Vincent Price Art Museum held the annual Arts+Feminism ‘edit-a-thon’ on March 9.

Attendees created and/or edited articles on Latinx Women+Non Binary Artists.

Arts+Feminism is a worldwide event happening throughout the month of March where people come together to edit Wikipedia articles to make Latinx women and non-binary artists more searchable.

Each event has a different theme, but it always focused on women.

Stacy Allan, executive editor of East of Borneo online magazine, trained event attendees for a little over an hour on how to register, create and edit Wikipedia articles.

East of Borneo is an online magazine of contemporary art in Los Angeles, published by California Institute of the Arts.

“Anyone who wants to do it can do it. People don’t need experience to join. This event is open to everyone to attend,”Allan said.

Pilar Tompkins Rivas, director of VPAM, said the purpose was to help bring more online awareness to these strong female characters.

The magazine’s website says only 16 percent of Wikipedia contributors are women and as a result, they [women] are underrepresented.

“From noon until 4 p.m., our goal is to work on as many articles as possible,” Tompkins said.

The requirements to attend these events are to bring a laptop, have at least 3 published sources, be unbiased and to be objective        about the information they’re entering into Wikipedia.

The people attending these events need to go through the training and follow a specific set of guidelines in order to make sure they’re not violating any policies.

Allan said the community reviews the information being entered to Wikipedia and verify the information’s accuracy.

“I’m teaching everyone how to do it here. I mean they are getting one-on-one training with me, but Wikipedia is sort of self-regulated. People review the work and if they’re following the policies then that article stays. If not, they get nominated for deletion,” Allan said.  The Art+Feminism global do-it-yourself campaign will happen again on Sunday at Los Angeles County Museum of Art, focusing on Women+Design+Craft and on March 31 at California African American Museum, focusing on Women of CAAM.

For more information and to RSVP to these events, visit eastofborneo.org/artandfeminism.

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