Club discusses society’s fascination with serial killers

CN/ Steven Adamo

By Jose Cabrera

East Los Angeles College Psi Beta held their meeting on Thursday to discuss why people are so fascinated with serial killers. 

Vice President Karen Montes opened up by asking the students why they think people are interested in serial killers and what motives the killer to commit the crime. 

“People are fascinated by these killers because they commit crimes that the average joe (an average person) wouldn’t commit. Media coverage plays a huge factor in the killer’s motive because killers look to seek fame in any way possible,” said Co-Adviser, Dr. Bryant Horowitz. 

“Appearance also plays a crucial role too because it shocks people to see the truth which at times are unpredictable.” 

 Students mentioned how serial killers seek out publicity in any way possible and know that the media will give them that publicity. 

Students also discussed how media portrays certain serial killers. 

Discussion about how infamous killers Tom Bundy and John Wayne Gacy were portrayed on television. 

Students addressed how the news media didn’t focus on Ted Bundy because he didn’t fit the profile of a serial killer, which were deranged, psychopathic and many more. 

Students exchanged more opinions about how the media shouldn’t focus on appearance and focus more on the details of the crime. 

“That’s what gets people to be heavily invested in serial killers,” Javier Ochoa, a student                              at ELAC said. 

The discussion shifted over to a brief lesson about Antisocial Personality Disorder and the impacts it has on a person. 

“The person with the disorder has a long term order of manipulating, exploiting and committing crimes without any remorse” said historian Daniella Valdez. 

Graphs and charts were used to show the impacts that the disorder has on a person. 

Psi Beta welcomes any type of topics that can be discussed during their meetings every other Thursdays. 

The club provides helpful information that students can seek out any time by attending and being a part of the discussion. 

The club meets on Tuesdays   from 12:15 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. at F7-226

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