Donations help students dress for success

By Trissean McDonald

East Los Angeles College Extended Opportunity Programs and Services Department is asking for donations of new or slightly used professional clothing to assist students looking for jobs or scholarships. 

Success for students is the department’s priority. EOPS suggests that achievement is possible if students dress for success. 

With the help from faculty and staff, students will have the opportunity to look their best for endeavors which could bring about positive results. 

“We started doing this because I know that some people or students are going to be going to interviews or scholarship interviews and will possibly need clothes for graduation,” Grace Hernandez, Associate Dean of EOPS/CARE/NEXT-UP, said.

“This is something that some other colleges have for students to use. I thought of doing this at ELAC also.”  

The EOPS Department has never requested donations for clothing and accessories. Hernandez said she developed the idea after witnessing other school’s involvement with the concept. 

“Working with this population, I’ve seen a lot of things coming in. You know, some were even asking for a shirt or something they could wear,” Hernandez said. 

“Also, sometimes they would come in with torn shoes or very old clothes so we thought this would be nice.”

Specific items EOPS is asking for are ties, blouses, shirts or accessories. 

Christian Perez, a student aid librarian, thinks it’s admirable that the EOPS Department is asking for donations from faculty and staff and plans on donating to the department. 

“I have some slacks and jackets I could donate,” Perez said. “The students success is the college success.”

Nancy Wong, an International Student Program staff, said there is nothing wrong with the idea either. She plans to make a donation to the department as well.

EOPS is a state-funded program designated to support students who are economically disadvantaged and potentially lack access to educational opportunities. 

The types of service the department offers are personalized counseling, transfer assistance, priority registration, financial aid assistance, book grants, and tutoring or individualized instruction. Students qualify if they meet the requirements of eligibility from the department.

Some of the requirements are for students to be a California resident for at least one year and one day or AB540, 18 years-old, be enrolled full time and be a recipient of the Board of Governors Grant Fee Waiver. 

Additionally, student must complete the A-O-C process and complete less than 70 applicable postsecondary units of credit coursework. 

Applications are accessible online by clicking on the EOPS news link. 

Students also have the option of obtaining an application at the EOPS office at the E1-227. 

Faculty and staff who are interested in donating items could do so at the EOPS office until May 10.

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