Law Society Club helps students achieve goals

By Cher Antido

The Law Society Club aims to help students learn more about the law, how it impacts people’s daily lives and the variety of careers.

Not only does the club talk about the law, but it exposes students to different types of jobs.

It acts as a guide that can steer them to the right direction of their desired goals.

Club adviser and East Los Angeles College law professor Filemon Samson talked about the flexibility of the club. “It’s designed to not necessarily be for law students,” he said.

Even students outside of business and law majors can benefit from the club. Its club activities include listening to guest speakers, going on field trips and sharing knowledge to broaden students’ networks. Students can uncover careers they never knew they liked or further their knowledge on their favored line of work.

Samson said that the law involves everyone.

It’s not merely something that happens in a courtroom. Human rights, trade and even arts publishing include some sort of law behind it. He said that many students don’t know how much the law impacts their lives and encourages even those that are only interested in the topic to join.

The club intends to invite professionals to talk about their careers. Students can listen to guest speakers and ask questions about what they do and how they do it.

Samson said there are many students who are unsure about the type of job they want. It could be that students want to be in a certain field but don’t know exactly what specific job is best for them.

“Our goal here is to help them achieve their goals. That’s why a club like this is great to see and talk about different areas that are law related,” Samson said.

Career exposure includes: international affairs, nonprofit organizations, human resources management, sports/entertainment agent, government, trade, courthouse administration and law firm management.

ELAC student Jowad Abraham joined the club to connect with other students in law and business majors. He wants to be more exposed to opportunities for his field, Business Marketing.

“I took his (Samson) law class and he presented the club to us in class, so I decided to come. I’m trying to get involved in more things,” Abraham said.

The club also shares different internships available and resources students can take advantage of to pursue their majors. The Law Society Club is open to all ELAC students.  Meetings are held every second and fourth Thursdays of the month in F7-215 at 12:10 p.m.

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