Financial Aid department to host informational event tomorrow

By Juan Calvillo

The East Los Angeles College Financial Aid department will hold a financial aid awareness event tomorrow from noon to 2 p.m. in front of the E3 building at the main campus and at the South Gate campus in the main foyer. 

“This event is to raise awareness to students that there is assistance from the Federal and State government for students to attend school,” said Lindy Fong, Director of Financial Aid.

Fong said that the Financial Aid Department is hosting the event to help students be better acquainted with the departments staff and what is needed when it comes to applying for aid.

Its primary purpose is answering any lingering questions about the financial aid application process for those who have already applied.

Fong said that first time applicants should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid online.

“It is very important to follow up with the Financial Aid Office of the school they are planning to attend,” Fong said.

Fong said that students tend to apply late for FAFSA and can miss out on additional monies, information that concerns first time and continued applicants.

For students who have applied before, Fong said that one of the event’s goals is to help students understand that not all colleges are alike when it comes to financial aid.

Some colleges are very strict when it comes to financial aid deadlines and that students have been told to save their financial aid for their university attendance.

“We want students to be better informed in regarding their financial aid funds management,” Fong said.

Each of the sites for the event will have advisors to help students with their questions on getting financial aid for coming scholastic year. Fong said that it is still not too late to apply for this year’s financial aid.

To attend to the most students possible, the main campus will have four assistants and some financial aid technicians along with student workers.

The South Gate Campus will have a financial aid technician and a student worker available to answer questions.

Fong said that the event will be two hours long, but that if there are further questions, students can always come by the Financial Aid Department and discuss with the assistants there.

“Our Financial Aid computer lab opens Monday to Thursday from 8 am to 6:45 pm for all students,” Fong said.

The first week of April will mark the beginning of 2019-2020 document acceptance for financial aid.

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