Adelante program supports students beyond their first college year

super—Speakers of the Power Majors career panel talk about what super hero relates most to their career field during the event held last Friday. Courtesy of / Stephanie Zamora

By Mariana Montoya

First year college students from the Adelante First Year Experience program had a special event called Power Majors on Friday. 

It was created by the career center and transfer center to help students gain confidence going into their second year. 

The program also helps students realize all the resources available to them. This event gave them an opportunity to choose a major. 

The event started with a game of Kahoot as an icebreaker, followed by a career panel, a chance to network, a workshop, a chance to talk to a counselor about summer classes and some food to end it all. 

The event was a superhero theme. 

 The career panel, which was composed of school counselors, gave students insights on different characteristics that they may have, and which career paths they could take within those characteristics. 

“I represent enterprising. Enterprising means that you are a person that likes to be business savvy,” Jennifer Tan, an FYE counselor said. “You like to be around people but  in a business sense. You like to sell things to people. You like to persuade people to think in a different way,” Tan said.

  Students also had the chance to ask various questions on a rotating activity which was focused on the different characteristics that were presented in the panel.  

One of the panels was dedicated to giving information about transfer requirements for both Universities of California and California State Universities. “This was a helpful event I was able to get my summer class, which was pretty awesome,” ELAC student, Mariana Lopez said. 

Students also learned how to obtain internships and scholarships to help pay for schools.  

“Overall, I liked the event it was fun way to network,” said Lopez. 

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