Novelist speaks on activism, LGBTQ

By Mariana Montoya

Novelist Noel Alumit talked about the importance of activism, faith and the process of becoming an artist at an East Los Angeles College event.

He is the author of Los Angeles bestseller Talking to the Moon and came to give students insight about his career and how it began.

The event was organized by ELAC’s Gay Straight Alliance club, as a part of a series they held throughout the month of April to celebrate the Stonewall Riots 50th anniversary.

“The 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots is not until the month of June, in the month of June we will not be here, but we are here now so we decided to do it early,” professor Fernando Mejia said. 

Throughout the lecture Alumit spoke about  the different ways the Stonewall Riots helped create a foundation for the LGBTQ community, including a brief history as to what lead the Stonewall Riots. 

The highlight of the event was how being a part of the LGBTQ community has helped shaped every aspect of his career. 

 He made an emphasis on his career as an actor because this initiated his search of  finding his voice throughout different outlets such as writing, painting, and photography. 

Alumit said that even though people through the difficulties great art was made,”said.

This was also the time where his activism began. 

Throughout his youth and time as an actor he worked in educating individuals about the importance of getting HIV tested, going up to individuals from gay bar to gay clubs .

“There is no thing as a single issue struggles,”said Alumit. 

As he shifted into talking about faith he mentioned the importance religion can play in the life of a queer man. 

Going back to school was what gave him the main inspiration to promote faith amongst his community to be able 

“If you keep them away from churches or synagogues you are endangering their lives,”said Alumit  

He encouraged students to look for  the  and to find their own voices and what identifies them by writing 10 minutes each day. 

“Being a queer Filipino man was a very positive thing,”said Alumit.

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