Sociology Club hosts clothing donation drive

Club encourages students to pick up and drop off donations

By Kelly Vasquez

The Sociology Club wants to help bring confidence to students that can’t afford nice clothes.

From now until the end of the semester, the Sociology Club is hosting a clothing donation drive to help students on campus who can’t afford clothing, no questions asked.

Anyone is able to donate or pick up from this donation box located at the front desk in the Social Science Department building F7-307. 

“It basically came from the need that most of us were seeing on campus,” Faculty Advisor Irwing Jimenez said about the inspiration for the drive.

“Our campus population is undeserved. We wanted to start at the heart of the community. Especially since clothing makes you feel confident and better about yourself.”

Jimenez is proud of the Sociology club for organizing the drive and taking care of the student population. He has already noticed how the drive has helped students. “So far we we have gotten great feedback. I noticed a few students grabbing things. Our goal in sociology is to be engaged with the community and I feel we are doing just that.”

Myrna Palafox, a nurse at the ELAC Health Center believes this is a great thing to have on campus. “It’s a great benefit because we have a lot of students who are homeless or low income that do not have immediate access to these resources, and it’s nice to know they do. It’s important students start practicing good hygiene and self care now,” Palafox said.

“ELAC is a stepping stone for people to enter their career. It’s important to start good hygiene and self care, because in reality you will be judged based on your appearance. By taking care of yourself, you are opening up more job opportunities and even relationships.”

This isn’t the first time the Sociology club has organized something like this. Last year they put together care packages that were available for students all throughout campus.

The feedback they received was great, so they felt the need to help out our student body again. 

In addition to the clothing drive, the Sociology club wants to start a food pantry to help struggling students. They also aim to help outside of campus by going to homeless shelters and Skid Row to help the homeless in May.

The Sociology Club hopes to expand and help the student body more in the future. Their biggest wish is to have more departments and clubs involved. “If we expand and include more people, then we can make a greater impact on the community and students,” Jimenez said. The more help they receive from the campus, the more they can help give back and help students in need.

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