Hire-A-Husky job fair welcomes students, employers

By Juan Calvillo

The East Los Angeles College Career Center will host the “Hire-A-Husky” event to offer students a chance to apply for work opportunities.

The South Gate campus will hold their event today, while the main campus will hold its event on Wednesday.

Shirley Mayorga from the South Gate Career Center said that the event today was organized to help ELAC students find entry level jobs at multiple companies and businesses.

Gabreila Ibarra said that multiple companies, including the Los Angeles Unified School District and Los Angeles Police Department will be on site talking with students.

Other companies stopping by the South Gate campus ranged from corporations like Nike to after school programs like the Woodcraft Rangers.

Mayorga said that some of the more important things students should bring along with them are their resumes and interview questions.

She emphasized that there are areas for on-site interviews for prospective applicants, and that students should come well dressed as if they were going to a planned interview.

Ibarra said that even if students were not actively applying, the event is still be a good time to practice verbal skills for future interviews.

Mayorga said that South Gate Financial Aid Department would also have representatives there to help students who were looking for federal work study jobs.

Dray Banks, Counselor at the Career Center, said the “Hire-A-Husky” event on the main campus will be all about networking.

He said that the center has strived to find companies that students from a variety of disciplines can take advantage of for hiring purposes.

“We strive for students to get exposure in the field of their interest and establish work related skills that will help them achieve in all fields of human endeavor,” Banks said.

One of the biggest suggestions Banks gave was for students to find companies that they had a moderate level of interest in and practice their interview skills with them first.

This will be a quick and efficient way to prepare for companies or interviews with places that held a high level of interest for the student.

Banks said that job searches happen all the time, and with the internet, it’s easier than ever to apply for work.

The companies that come to the “Hire-A-Husky” event, however, are there for a reason.

“A student who attends the Hire A Husky Job Fair will get a first hand chance of networking with employers that want to hire the ELAC student.

“If a student happens to be the most attractive candidate some employers will then offer an on the spot interview in our interview room,” Banks said.

The two events are great opportunities for work placement. Banks pointed out that if students felt that they needed help with their resumes or any other aspect of searching for work, they should visit the Career Center.

“We are extremely excited to have everyone and offer any support in our office to best prepare for this main event,” Banks said.

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