ELAC ranks #1 in hispanic demographic

By Samantha Iniguez

Hispanic Outlook on Education ranked East Los Angeles College the number one community college in California and number six in the nation for hispanic students.

The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education is an american biweekly magazine which focuses on hispanic education in institutions of higher learning. The magazine ranked ELAC highly based off the 3,928 degrees and certificates awarded to students in 2017.

Hispanic outlook said it is estimated that 2,688, or 68%, of those awards were given to hispanic students, so ELAC saw a 605 percent increase in degrees and certificates awarded to hispanic students based on data drawn from 2014-2015 in comparison to the 2017-2018, according to the chancellor’s office management informations. 

The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education said, “because ELAC offers a variety of centers and support programs it is the best community college for Hispanics”

The ELAC administration said the improvement is due to the programs and centers working throughout the school to make college a smoother experience for all students. Programs like Outreach serve as a linkage of higher education activities for the community, like high schools, and community and local government agencies.

ELAC president Marvin Martinez said these programs are there to extend a hand to high school students, introduce them to the campus and all its resources making the transition easier for incoming students. 

He also said the Extended Opportunity Programs and Services, which is state funded, is designed to go above and beyond other services offered on campus.

Martinez said “EOPS was created to support students who are economically disadvantaged and lack access to education opportunities.” Opportunities including book grants so students don’t have to pay for textbooks, tutoring/individualized instruction and other services like private and group tutoring just for EOPS students. 

Financial aid assistance includes application fee waivers and financial aid advise that help students figure out how they will pay for college.

EOPS also allows priority registration which helps students register early each semester to ensure they get the classes they need and personalized counseling and transfer assistance.

Whether its academic or personal counselling, EOPS counselors are dedicated to helping students.

Martinez said other resources like the transfer center provide a variety of services, resources and programs designed to assist students in every step of the way in their transfer process. Another resource extended to students is the dream resource center which provides support to undocumented students, AB540 students, DACA recipients, LGBTQ identified student.

The Dream Resource Center includes free or low-cost attorney consultations, physical and mental health services, housing support, food banks and other services. 

“I’m happy to be ranked so highly but we’re not done. The ELAC administration is working hard to be the best for our students,” Martinez said.  

The ELAC administration says their mission is to empowers students to achieve their educational goals, to expand their individual potential and to successfully pursue their aspirations for a better future for themselves, their community and the world. 

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