Governor Newsom budget changes increase education

By Dolores Carrillo 

Governor Gavin Newsom released the revised budget proposal on Thursday that would increase the amount of funding going into education.

California community colleges received a significant increase in the budget. The revised budget has the highest investment of funds to education in California history.

This new budget will create more programs for early childhood and higher education. Forty-five percent of Newsom’s new budget proposal is allocated to education.

This is an increase of investments in funds going into the 115 community colleges statewide. A total of $101.9 billion is going to education.

A special focus in the budget will increase the funding for teacher training. The training will focus on social and emotional training, inclusive practices and training in stem and computer science.

In an effort to encourage teachers to get training and join the workforce this budget allocates money for loan forgiveness to teacher that commit to teaching for four years.

Upwards of $20,000 in contributions to loan forgiveness. “for teachers that commit to investing their time and energy in high needs districts and difficult to teach subject matters.

We estimate this program can help 4,500 teachers in the fiscal year,” Newsom said.

Some enhancements made to the budget include an $80.8 million increase from the previous budget going to community colleges.

This increase will go to workforce programs for technical education, deferred maintenance and the two years of free community college.

“We are anticipating needing to spend a little bit more money than the January budget on the second year of community college.

“We are fulfilling that commitment to making sure that the resources are there so it’s not platitudes in words but its resourced,” Newsom said.

An extra $45 million increase from the previous budget is for investing on the two years of community college.

Providing additional funds for the second year of community college will be beneficial for many students.

Additional funds will go to special education, teacher training and all-day kindergarten.

“Well I think it’s amazing that they are expanding budgets to provide for students especially those in community colleges because they are the ones who tend to struggle financially,” ELAC student, Carmen Flores, said.

An additional $8 million is going to CSUs to aid housing deficiency, hunger and homelessness that is not only affecting CSUs but also community colleges and UCs.

UCs also received a $32 million dollar enhancement, most of which is a one-time investment to aid some of the current hunger and homeless crisis and help pay down pensions.

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