Music advisers share their experiences

By Karla Ventura

The Guild of Music Supervisors, a non-profit organization collaborated with East Los Angeles College to bring opportunities to students.

ELAC Music Department has provided opportunities year-round to students that are taking music courses for a general requirement, students that are majoring in music and for the Applied Music students.

Guild of Music Supervisor Education Event Q and A took place on May 8, 2019 in S2 Recital Hall.

Six special guest were featured in this event; including Vanessa Jorge Perry, GMS award winning Music Supervisor, Angel Mendoza music Supervisor, Mariana Migliore Senior Coordinator of creative synch at BMG, Janet Lopez music supervisor, Leticia Alvarez Director of Copyright Administration at Music Sales Creation and Kristina Benson, owner of Sweet on Top and publisher of LA. Records.

Perry, Lopez, and Mendoza had worked in major known projects.

Advisers Assemble— Vanessa Jorge Perry (left), Angel Mendoza, Mariana Migliore, Janet Lopez, Leticia Alvarez and Kristina Benson. Music advisers talk to students about pursuing possible music careers.

Perry has worked on trailers for  “Wonder Woman,” “The Lord of the Rings,” “Harry Potter,” and “Star Trek” films.

Lopez has worked on The “Twilight Zone,” “Set It Up,” “My Dinner With Herve.” Mendoza as a Music Supervisor worked on trailers for “John Wick” films, “Inglourious Basterds,” and “Fast and Furious” 7-8.

Benson, who lead the Q & A discussion, talked about the importance of music supervision, and how it is vital to all media forms, such as video games, television, films and trailers.

Alvarez shared the importance of her job as the Director of Copyright Administration where her role is to get the music licensed.

Music licensing allows artist who compose music to be protected and allows other artist to have permission to use the music in other projects within certain guidelines.

Music supervisors combine music and visuals together to create films, trailers and other forms of media.

“What’s really exciting with the panel we are going to bring out in a moment, is that this is in my mind, one of the most dynamic representation of our community and many are from L.A. Some of them are Latina, Latino,” Thomas Golubić, president of Guild of Music Supervisor said.

“Our community has been really dynamic because the different people we had in there” Golubić said.

Being bilingual plays a role in the music industry.

“100% always think it’s great to be bilingual … I recently got a lot of work through a company in Downtown L.A. that is pretty much working in Latino projects,” Perry said.

Throughout the Q & A, each member of the panel shared their career experience and how it has impacted their lives.

“My father told me to knock in every door until they say yes, and so I did,” Lopez said.

Lopez says that  being  a music supervisor was something she didn’t think about as being a career.

Lopez says that when seeking advice about success in the industry her professor gave her stern advice.

“‘You shouldn’t pursue it unless you’re going to be successful at it.’”

Lopez shared her experience with the audience and how it helped her get into the music industry.

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