OPINION: Students want more benches around campus for relaxation

By Selena Ortiz

One thought that always runs through my mind when I walk to class or when I’m walking to the parking structure, I constantly wish there were more seats to relax in for a second before I run off to my next deed. If you look around the busiest part.

East Los Angeles College has had many construction projects that directly advanced the main campus over the past few years.

The students were fortunate enough to earn a new student center, a new exterior design in the middle of campus and new advanced high-tech classrooms.

As construction continues to improve the school campus life, with the goal of trying to encourage students to take pride in their school and stay on campus for longer hours, I can’t help but feel like some small details were missed.

Being at ELAC for the past 3 three years, I feel pretty familiar with the layout of the campus.

of campus, the only seating options are in the crowded student cafeteria or the crowded library. Along with the new buildings on campus, one student lounge was added on the second floor of the new student center.

In the study lounge students can find that it is full of small groups of students just hanging out after class hours discussing non academic topics and taking up the whole space in the study lounge.

Students’ only other option is the study rooms, they have a few tables for group meetings, a line of lounging chairs and even a white-board, if you’re doing some serious planning.

If you have ever had the chance to visit the student lounge, it’s not full of students trying to complete their studies.

Rather the library is availble through online appointments or the loud cafeteria full of students passing time.

ELAC could benefit from more outdoor seating.

It’s as simple as a plastic table, or more benches scattered on campus. If students have a second to sit down and relax in between classes or jobs, they will spend that extra time on campus focusing on their duties as a student.

In a busy day on campus, students walk to building to building in the student center and in the library because their classes are in the center of campus.

For students who can’t focus with so much distraction or students who desire a place to take a breather from the stresses of life, need a seating area off to the side where they can focus on what tasks they have for that day or week.

It is inevitable to spark the desire in someone else’s life to motivate them to complete their list of goals. Having a seat for them on campus offers a welcoming message.

Its okay to stay on campus for long hours. Its okay to not want to be surrounded by other peers or professors, and that its ok to study and learn in a comforta


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