Weekend College Experience arrives at ELAC

By Brenda Verano

The improved Weekend College Experience returns Fall 2019.

The WCE is an academic program that will provide students with a variety of newly offered weekend courses.

This will ultimately facilitate students goals to be able to get an A.A. degree and/or transfer to a university in two years.

With the WCE, East Los Angeles College seeks to assist those students that might have time restrictions, packed weekly schedule or precise availability.

Some of these student consist of student workers and student parents, who are often unable to register to weekly long courses, leaving them with less units, the inability to be a full time student and have to spend additional years spent in community college.

Fall 2019, students will have an opportunity to be full time students  by simply taking weekend and online classes.

Saturday classes plus online classes will equal to students  getting an A.A. degree in two years.

This program will have a full range of classes, ranging from English 101 to Photo 121, which are necessary to meet IGETC and A.A. requirements.

By taking online and weekend classes consistently throughout each semester students will meet graduation requirements, finalize their community college experience and head to their further education plans in less time than anticipated.

The WCE is only one of many academic programs installed to help ELAC students excel and prosper in healthy academic environment.

These programs are possible through the Office of Academic Affairs, faculty and administration, who each year have the responsibility for the schools academic implementations, which consist of college bound curriculum, programs for general education and new online services.

High quality and effective programs like WCE, are a clear example of ELAC commitment of  assisting all students, regardless of their time limitations.

In order to be considered a full time students, students must be enrolled into  12 units or more during the Fall and Spring semesters, and at least six units in the summer and winter.

Twelve units or more is equivalent to about four classes, depending on the amounts of units, most IGETC classes are three units.

Being a full time student can not only decrease the amount of time spent in community college but can also increase the amount of financial aid a student  can receive. In Fall of 2019 students will be able to choose from a wide range weekend courses.

There are five individual  tracks on offer, each track has four transferable/ IGETC classes.

Each track has a mixture of Saturday, online and hybrid classes. ELAC students can sign up for all four classes in one of the five tracks or mix and match classes to meet their own unique schedule.

Classes offered include History, Science, English, Art, Communication and Math.

Karen Leon, an ELAC student who is majoring in biology agrees that this program will enhance students experience.

“I had to leave my previous job because they wouldn’t work around my school schedule and I have not been able to get a job because I’m a full-time student taking class Monday through Thursday.

Leon says she is excited about ELAC’s WCE program.

The WCE is something Leon might consider being part of for future semesters.

“This will help students. People just need to organize themselves.People who are excited to go to school will be on top of their game” Leon added.

The Weekend College Experience will be available starting Fall 2019 to all ELAC students.Students are advised to look over Fall 2019 classes and schedules with an academic counselor to figure the schedule that best fits their needs.

The enrollment to these classes will be possible through LACCD student portal.

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