Diane Keaton plays heart-felt role

By Eliana Torres

Staff Writer

The movie “Poms” had a few good jokes here and there. The story line is predictable and is not very good. However the message of the movie is inspiring.

Throughout the movie there are a number of crowd-pleasing feminist moments where the women stand up for themselves and each other, which is the best part of the movie, along with Sheryl’s carefree personality.

While there were sentimental moments, lessons about friendships and death, it went along with the empowering message it portrayed which was that age should not be a barrier and that it is never too late to pursue your dreams.

Although the film’s storyline is predictable, the directors and writers had their heart in the right place, “Poms” has potential with its talented cast, unmatched enthusiasm, and liveliness.

The film, follows a group of women in a retirement home who decide to start a cheerleading club.

The movie mainly focuses on Martha, played by Diane Keaton. Martha an introverted woman moves into a retirement community hoping to be left alone after she finds out she has cancer and decides not to do chemotherapy.

Once Martha moves into the community she comes across Sheryl. Sheryl, is a fun-loving person who insists they become best friends.

Martha, on the other hand, wants nothing to do with anyone as she would rather spend what little time she has left alone.

As Sheryl pushes for a friendship Martha slowly starts coming out of her shell and they soon become best friends.

During their teen years they both wanted to be cheerleaders but never got the opportunity to do so.

Martha and her new friend decide to create a cheerleading club with their fellow residents. Martha and sheryl then go on a mission to get the cheerleading club approved facing one of the many obstacles of having to gather enough teammates to form the club.

Not only do they struggle in getting the club approved and forming it but later on they face the challenge of finding a place to practice, Sheryl then suggests the idea of practicing in the high school’s gym she teaches at.

Martha agrees and Sheryl sneakily signs up their club to the pep rally. Martha finds out minutes before the pep rally and once she does she disagrees but Sheryl pressures her into going through with it, things go bad and they are ridiculed in front of the entire school.

Martha and her club then use this as motivation to get better and participate in a dancing competition.

In the beginning scenes of the movie Martha comes across as a bitter old woman who has cancer and wants to isolate herself from the world.

As the movie progresses we see how her personality blossoms with new friendships and support. She goes from a bitter old lady to a lovable and supportive friend.

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