Our Voices Matter event brings discrimination to light

express yourself—Two students express their opinions on a wall by E3 with chalk for the Our Voices Matter event on Tuesday. CN/ Jose Cabrera

By Jose Cabrera

Discrimination, sexism and racism are issues that are plaguing the United States. 

With unity, people are standing up to fight the plague that goes around the U.S. 

East Los Angeles College Associated Student Union hosted the Our Voices Matter event on Tuesday. 

Members were located in front of the E3 building encouraging students to take part in the event. 

Members provided students with chalk to write their thoughts on the wall. 

ASU also provided markers for students who wanted to create signs that expressed the students’ voices. 

Members also provided students with microphones for those who wanted to express their voices loud and proud. 

Some of these signs had a lot of creativity and others had anger built up into them. 

Around the big pots, signs were placed in all the three pots that are in front of the E3 building. 

Signs read “Nobody speaks with an accent” and others included explicit language. 

No voices were silenced and more students arrived at the event to see what the fuss was all about.     

The wall was filled with opinions on the issues of discrimination, sexism and racism. 

Signs filled the grass area with comments that were created by the students. Statements and opinions were made on how the current issues needed to be overcome by uniting together and overcome hate.

For some students, it was a shock. 

“It’s a surprise to see ASU host these types of events. It’s good to see that they are against the current issues that plague society,” ELAC student, Christopher Jimenez said.

The top question that rang in some students, was why ASU?  

“I wanted to step away from ASU and say that we have to talk about the issue that affects the community,” ASU Vice President of Finance Juan Casillas said

Casillas and his colleagues were able to get things moving on the discussion train. 

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