Transferring students receive awards Honors Program

Honorable huskies—Honors Program rewards East Los Angeles College students for completing the program. All present students are transferring to four-year universities. CN/Noe ortega

By Luis Castilla

Behind teary eyes, Nadine Bermudez, Honors Program director, announced the names of the students who will transfer to four-year universities at the Honors Program Certificate Reception yesterday.

“This is your moment because you earned it,” Bermudes said.

About 30 East Los Angeles Students were awarded certificates and graduation cords for completing the Honors Program.

Students of the Honors Program Fast-Track Certification Program were also awarded certificates for their completion of the program.

Aside from receiving certificates, these students will also receive priority consideration from universities and a special mention at the ELAC graduation ceremony.

To receive their certificates, students had to complete 15 units in honors classes.

Bermudez said there are currently about 600 students in the program. 

Honors Program student Yesenia Sanchez said she will transfer to the University of  Southern California in the fall.

She said she was given a taste of what university courses were like. “The classes were challenging,” Sanchez said. “They make you think outside of the box.”

Bianca Trevizo, another Honors Program alumna, said she will transfer to the University of California Los Angeles in the fall.

She said the program allowed her to take classes that were more rigorous.

“I’m happy to see all my hard work pay off,” Trevizo said.

Miranda Reynoso, Honors Program Alumna said she will also transfer to UCLA in the fall.

Although she is transferring, Reynoso said she would have liked to join the Honors Program sooner than she did.

She said she would have liked to enter the program right after high school.

Despite this, Bermudez said she is happy to be done.

“I feel accomplished. The goal that I set for myself was fulfilled,” Bermudez said.

Bermudez said that about 75 percent of students in the Honors Program who apply to UCLA are accepted into the university.

Marvin Martinez spoke to the Honors Program students, telling them to always keep their next goal in mind.

Bermudez said the Honors Program focused on two things; scholarships and getting students transferred.

She said the classes in the program emphasize critical thinking and teach students in ways that will prepare them for university courses.

“It’s education with a purpose,” Bermudez said.

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