Physics professor Lilit Haroyan uses her passion for science to help students

By Jose Cabrera

Dreaming big and overcoming the obstacles in life can amount in achieving higher dreams. East Los Angeles College Professor Lilit Haroyan worked hard on her career in the field of physics. She silenced out the naysayers that didn’t believe her in accomplishing her dreams. Believing in herself, she got to travel the world by experimenting in the world of physics.

Haroyan was born to a family of engineers and her father wanted her to follow in the family legacy. She felt that she needed to follow a better pathway to success so she turned to the world of physics. Her father didn’t like her decision but still supported her in career to success.  Much negative was given throughout in her long journey in physics.

In her high school years, the negativity and the obstacles began to take her its tolls on her. She struggled in her years of high school but managed to achieve a passing grade. A negative influence that got in the way she was her high school physics professor. Haroyan was told that she will never achieve her goal in the world of physics and will just end up getting pageant. That didn’t stop her from accomplishing her goals and she strived on to pursue her dream career.

Her college years were tough because the subjects were much different than the subjects in high school. Having to adapt to the English language proved to be a challenge but with the help of her friend was an English major adapted the basic of English. Obtain the best professor was challenging because she had to take care of family responsibility

Obtaining the best educators was a challenge for her because she had to take care of family responsibility away from school. That caused her to miss out on the best professor that the university had to offer.  A last minute option was recommended for were and that proved to be bad news because the professor was out of the country doing research in Germany.

So Haroyan waited for her professor to return which was bad news because she going to fall even more behind. Upon arriving, her professor provided her with a list of articles on cosmic rays for her to ride in English. That was a struggle to read all the articles but managed to get through the challenges in her life. Her determination and the support from her family proved to be the key factor in achieving a higher education

“My family especially my father motivated me to strive on in my education even though my most difficult challenges. I knew that I had to make my father proud of me” said Haroyan. Believing in her life earned internships at the research institute that focused on cosmic rays which upper her reputation in education.

From there she went on travel to the countries of Germany and Italy to do research on cosmic rays and she enjoyed every minute of that research. She has traveled to around the world to also present her research of cosmic rays to the young generation of scientist. Her love for science was placed on doing to the lack of funding and had to return back to the US.

In her fourth year at East Los Angeles College, she looks to impose that same passion she had for the research to her students. “I hope to imply the same passion had in science to my students and make them see that the world of science is a great pathway that will take you places that nobody will get the chance to be,” Haroyan said.

Dreams can get accomplished for anybody that want to reach their full potential. Lilit Haroyan did just that with her career and she loves every minute of it. She overcomes tough challenges and negativity to accomplish her goals and make her family proud.     

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