OPINION: Spoilers prove silence is golden

By Jose Cabrera

Spoilers are the enemy of movie nerds that miss out on a movie. The term spoiler applies to people who love to torture people by revealing parts of a good movie or television program. 

This type of individual should show sympathy toward others and let people watch movies in peace. Yet that is not the case in today’s society. 

Great movies are supposed to build great anticipation for their audiences. We can’t have that anticipation with people spoiling a great movie. 

We must ask ourselves why do people love spoiling movies? To those people that love to ensure pain and spoil things just to hurt others, I say to hell with them. 

It sucks to hear spoilers when a person is not at ease, because they are anticipating when a certain event is going to take place. 

All that excitement has been sucked out because that certain part of the movie has been spoiled by a jerky individual. I have witnessed many spoilers and they take the fun out of the experience and that does not make the movie enjoyable to watch.

Social media will also spoil a good movie as well. An evil individual that loves to spoil can go on social media and continue their torturing methods. 

These people will go on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many other websites to post their takes on the movies. 

Most demonic people will go to the extreme and torture people by explaining certain parts of a great movie. 

A prime example would be Marvel’s “Avengers: Endgame.” It was a highly anticipated movie that everybody was looking forward to seeing. People that love to spoil parts of a movie with this much hype do so maliciously. 

By doing that evil maneuver, it sucks out a little bit of energy out of the movie. Did I just say that it sucks out a little bit of energy? It really takes out a massive amount of excitement out the movie.

No one wants to hear from another person that fan favorite characters dies in a certain movie everybody is talking about or that another fan favorite character’s physique  changes in that same movie. 

Oh, wait, I just spoiled a certain movie that maybe a reader has not seen yet. Oops, sorry if I did that but that proves my case about spoilers. People want to watch a movie not hear it from a heartless individual that seeks joy from our tears.    

Spoilers cause moviegoers anger and frustration because they ruin the experience, and people who enjoy spoiling things are always ready to spoil just about anything. 

Through the powers of social media, spoilers can spread like a wildfire. These evil individuals will go to the extreme and post anything that is related to the movie. 

When I went to go watch “Endgame,” I was looking forward to a great movie but like always the spoilers came out on the internet. 

In the movie, people were expecting an end credit scene and that expectation filled audiences with joy. 

Unfortunately for me, I saw on the internet that there was no ending credit scene. 

I even had a colleague at work be a spoiler and tell me what a main characters end in the movie was.  

A spoiler can cause anger and devastation among superfans. 

I know that it had me arguing with my friends about the end credits scene. As mentioned earlier, spoilers will suck the energy out of the movie. 

So to all the spoilers out in the world, stop it please. You are hurting the movie-going experience and the audience would be grateful if you let us watch a movie in peace. 

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