Chilean defender heads south

Focus—Agustin Barros, former Husky defender, controls the ball with this chest at Weingart Stadium in Fall 2016. CN/Stephanie Guevara

By Miguel Barragan

Agustin Barros’ time at East Los Angeles College opened many opportunities in soccer and education.

Barros, 21, is an international student from Santiago, Chile.

He was captain of the soccer team his second year at ELAC.

He said in his third year, he was an assistant volunteer coach, because he already played two years.

Barros said that he doesn’t think it’s a coincidence that he was captain his second year. “I’m kind of a leader,” said Barros.

He said being captain for a team with a variety of cultures and opinions helped him become a better leader.

“I think in two years I grew up more than all my life in  Chile,” Barros said.

He said that moving to the U.S., without family, taught him how to live.

Barros said living in the U.S. is different than Chile. He said people in Chile are much more social and act like family.

“I feel like people here are colder in a sense,” Barros said.

“Getting away from your comfort zone was super hard. Not a lot of people can do it.”

In Santiago, Chile, he was part of One Sports, a company that helps athletes find colleges in the United States to attend.

They helped him find and apply to ELAC. When he first moved to California, he lived with two other Chilean soccer players until they transferred out.

Now he’s living with another Chilean student, a Salvadorian student and a Brazilian student.

Barros is a business administration major. He is planning on transferring in the fall to the University of Saint Katherine.

Boot it—Agustin Barros shoots a penalty kick to tie the score 4-4 against Chaffey College on Oct. 6 2017 at Weingart Stadium. CN/Stephanie Guevara

Barros said that the university will help pay for his education, while he plays for their soccer team.

He said he does not  know exactly what he wants to do with his business administration bachelor’s degree once he receives it.

However, Barros said he’s always wanted to open up a small business.

Barros also said he’s interested in becoming a coach for a soccer team one day. He said that to achieve this he has to take it step by step, which means first accomplishing his goal of getting good grades.

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