ELAC to hold its first Fringe Festival

By Juan Calvillo

Martie Mendoza and Rachel Peralta from the East Los Angeles College club, Performance East, will host the East Fringe Festival on June 7. 

Peralta said the festival will be the first of its kind on campus, but festivals of this type are conducted all over the world. 

These types of festivals usually focus on various facets of the art world, ranging from spoken word and dance to theater and music. 

Performance East is the Theater Art Department’s club and it fully supports Mendoza and Peralta in their efforts of putting together ELAC’s first Fringe Festival. 

The idea for the event came after the club saw a Fringe Festival at this year’s Kennedy Center’s American College Theater Festival. 

During a club meeting, the idea was brought up to put on a version of a Fringe Festival on campus. 

“Ms. Peralta and Ms. Mendoza, both being in attendance, volunteered themselves in heading the planning of the event. We were familiar with their work ethic and passion for the arts, so we graciously accepted them to take the lead,” said club President Christopher Magallanes.

Mendoza said one reason to put on this event is that since there are so few spots in plays, students often find themselves not really getting a chance to participate in school events. 

The festival was put together to give these students a chance to showcase their skills. The festival would also give newer students who had not participated during the semester a chance to show what they were capable of doing.

The event is free to participate in and the duo encouraged all ELAC students to apply for a spot in the show. Mendoza said that ELAC students could use the event as an outlet for some of their hidden talents. 

She said that some disciplines on campus are not about being artistic and don’t allow for much creativity. The festival can be an outlet for some students to show off their artistic sides.

Students can perform anything from comedy routines to drag shows to poetry reading. Any of these acts would be considered for a spot during the festival. 

“It’s really like a free-for-all talent show for theater,” Peralta said. 

Opening up the event to all disciplines and students should also allow people who don’t venture into the arts side of ELAC a chance to do so and see what the students do there.

East Fringe Festival is about the arts, but also has a dual purpose. Mendoza said that it is a two-pronged event— one side is to allow students the chance to perform, while the other is for the festival to be a fundraising event. 

They will accept donations at the event, with the money going to help Performance East eventually send its best performers to the KCACTF. 

This prestigious event is for students to compete for a chance at winning scholarships and recognition for their achievements in sections ranging from lighting to set design in theater. 

“It can be a pricey event and most of our students have never had the opportunity to attend an arts festival, so it is Performance East’s duty to fundraise and spread awareness of our goals and the amazing things that the Theater Department does,” Magallanes said.

Applicants for the event need to include a one to five minute synopsis of their performance. 

Their information and the synopsis should be emailed to eastfringefest@gmail.com. 

For more information or questions on the event, students can check the group’s Instagram account @eastfringefest. 

Mendoza said applications will be taken until June 7 at 10 a.m. or until all the spots are filled.Magallanes and Performance East hope for the best out of the event. 

“We want Fringe Fest to be an opportunity for students to express themselves, inspire and become inspired,” Magallanes said. 

“The event starts at 7:30 p.m. and should be done by 9:30 p.m. However, we do not know how long the show will be until we have the show mapped out,” Mendoza said. 

The event will take place in the P2 building.

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