ASU might remove student lounge due to mistreatment

By Johanna Calderon

Students may lose the student lounge because the Associated Student Union wants to combine it with the current study area and turn the current study area turn into a food pantry.

Where would the students go when they need a break from all the studying? It’s a community that students feel belong and use to not feel like an outcast.

It’s a place that students can go to meet new people and interact with one another.

Kathleen Monteon who goes by Kit, a transgender student said he feels like he belongs and has made new friends there.

Monteon said he didn’t know that the college has a Student Lounge until someone told him to check it out.

ASU has a complaint that some of the students are using the Student Lounge to make-out.

Someone from the ASU office would come to the lounge and tell them if they could do it someplace else, but that backfire because they would get on their face according to Monteon. Some of the students would talk to the couples and tell them to stop since it wasn’t an appropriate place to be doing that.

“There, the cafeteria is for socializing, but it’s big and it’s really loud. It’s difficult for groups to get together when there are no tables,” said Monteon.

In addition having study area and student lounge can be difficult because the students have the library, writing center, learning center and other places that students can use to study.

Another problem that ASU is having is that the lounge is getting dirtier each day. Monteon who brings his own cleaning supplies to keep the place clean said sometimes he cleans after students who leave their mess because maybe they are in a rush according to Monteon.

Other students like Jasmine N Hernandez also benefit from using the lounge.

“My main concern is more toward the people who do go to the student lounge and follow the rules either to hang out with their friends or even to relax.” said Hernandez. It’s a small community that feels like they belong and they help each other when someone needs it according to Hernandez. They even help out the ASU by keeping the noise levels down when necessary. Monteon is allowed to have his puppy in the student lounge as long he cleans after the puppy and the students like that because it helps with their stress.

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