Sanchez seeks to overcome discrimination from her disability, continue her dream

CN/Johanna Calderon

By Johanna Calderon

Having a disability can be a challenge because in society, people don’t think that they are capable of doing anything they desire.

Jennifer Sanchez has to face the discrimination of being different because she was born with no right arm, but that doesn’t stop her from pursuing her dream of becoming a corrections officer. The drive to become something greater than just the girl who doesn’t have an arm. She already started to ask questions to the sheriff’s office to see if they hire people with disabilities.

“They told me it depends how a person can be able to do out in the field physically,” said Sanchez. There’s a chance for her in the field because she has to show them what she is capable of when she finishes school according to Sanchez.

To become a corrections officer, people must have their high school diploma, bachelor’s degree and pass the entrance exam. They must also enter a training academy and gain experience. She said she would go through the tough training and it won’t be easy, but she has the drive to accomplish with hard work. According to her, she has a problem with a grammar but she is working hard to improve.

However, she wants to find a job first because even though she get Social Society Benefits, it still isn’t enough. The rent is high in Boyle Heights and they don’t have rent control. Sanchez wants to get a job so she can help her family. Her mother can’t work because she doesn’t have proper documentation, but is in the process of getting everything in order.

She applied for nine jobs and she does get interviewed, but she never gets a call back.

“I don’t take it personal…. some of the places admitted we like to hire you, but we don’t want you to be put in danger or getting hurt because of lifting,” said Sanchez.  She did have job training for a long time. Some of the interviewers won’t tell her that they don’t want her because her disability and they know they can get in trouble.

For any one who is trying to get a job, it can be difficult if the person doesn’t have experience. It can be discouraging for any one to feel that there are no open doors for opportunity. With the help of her boyfriend she says she hopes she will find a job.

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