Annual ‘New Voices’ exhibit opens at VPAM

By Cher Antido
Staff Writer

The annual “New Voices” art exhibition opened at The Vincent Price Art Museum opened on September 3.
This year’s exhibit features the art work of East Los Angeles College students from different departments during the 2018-2019 term.
The exhibition includes various types of artwork such as photography, ceramics, painting, digital illustration and mixed media.
A plaque in the exhibit room explained the event as “an opportunity for burgeoning student artists to showcase their work.”

Unitled art piece by Jasmin Parker who describes it as mixed media on canvas. CN/ Gustavo Buenrostro

VPAM’s director, Pilar Tompkins Rivas, welcomed guests during the opening reception and introduced this year’s guest juror, Letitia Fernandez Ivins, Senior Manager of Transportation Planning Arts and Design at Los Angeles Metro.
Ivins was responsible for picking the winners of this year’s exhibit.
“I was struck by the ability of artists who submitted their work and that were selected to mirroring their identity, their subjectivity, their story with form and execute it with an attention to craft and the material in a way that I found exceptional and made me optimistic,” Ivins said.
First place went to artist Giao Nguyen for her untitled piece of a sculpted utilitarian chain made by clay.
Cesar Tiznado received second place with his series of photographs “La Rosa” where he explained he captured the “evolving identities, moods and emotions of his subjects.”
Third place is Sophia Lianna’s “Saying Goodbye,” a painting made with oil on a wood panel dedicated to all families that were separated.
Artists of “New Voices” who were present stood beside their artwork for guests to meet them and talk about their art.
“The work that’s in this (exhibit) really shows an ability to think about sight and complexities… and also create space of diverse viewership to insert their own experience and expand the interpretation of that piece,” Ivins said.
She said she believes that such art can resonate with a broad public.
Rivas also informed guests about the opportunities available at VPAM for those who want to pursue art.
“We were founded as a teaching collection for students here at this college. We’re also here to be a cultural tutoring for you. We do exhibitions all throughout the year. Everything we do here is free for you and your family and your friends. We’re here to be a resource to you,” Rivas said.
Among the opportunities she mentioned was the launching of their museum studies certificate program.

Art piece “Saying Goodbye,” dedicated to all families separated, was painted by Sophia Lianna with oil on a wood panel. CN/ Gustavo Buenrostro

VPAM will have their inaugural museum studies class this fall, which will then grow to a certificate of achievement.
This certificate is for those interested in working at a museum or those who want to be involved in art in more ways than making it.
More information can be found at VPAM’s front desk.
Rivas reminded the audience to keep “New Voices” in mind.
The museum will accept artwork submissions made during this year for consideration into next year’s “New Voices.”
Rivas and Ivins encouraged students taking art classes to participate.
“This is an exciting time to be making art. ‘New Voices’ (is) exactly what institutions, organizations and collectives want,” Ivins said.
Admission to the exhibit is free and will be open to the public until Nov. 2.
VPAM is open on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from noon to 4 p.m. and Thursdays from noon to 7 p.m.

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