OPINION: LA should always be ready for earthquakes

By Andrew Ayala
Staff Writer

CN/ Ivana Amaral

It is vital that Angelenos always stay prepared and take the proper precautions for an earthquake even when there isn’t much seismic activity going on.
The Southern California Earthquake Data Center reported a magnitude 4.0 earthquake at 1:21 p.m. in Wildomar, California yesterday and also mention that there have been two earthquakes in the last 10 days with a magnitude 3.0 or greater nearby.
Franklin Wolfe, a doctoral student from Harvard, and his team found that the Wilmington Blind Thrust Fault running from Huntington Beach toward Santa Monica Bay is indeed active and can cause a magnitude 6.4 earthquake.
It is important to stay prepared because there is no warning for these natural disasters, unless the ShakeAlertLA app is downloaded.
The app is supposed to notify users of any magnitude 4.5 earthquakes and also shows hot spots throughout Los Angeles. This app is a great way to stay informed, but it can’t be the only way people are prepared.
First steps should be creating a plan in the case where family members are separated during the disaster.
It should include a few meeting places to avoid anyone getting lost during the chaos. It would also be smart to come up with an escape plan or route just in case it happens at night.
Having important documents and extra cash in an easy-to-reach and safe location is also wise, as well as any medication that one may need.
In the case of a major earthquake, buildings will crumble and anything in those buildings will more than likely be lost.
A first aid kit that holds essentials as well as a bag packed with non-perishable food, water, portable batteries and even walkie-talkies would be handy.
No one really knows what things will be like or how long they will be struggling for, so it is better to be safe than sorry.
Other items that are worth mentioning include a radio, extra clothing, an emergency blanket and rope. Having a pair of boots would also be a good idea idea considering all the shattered glass and rubble.
Pet owners should consider packing a bag for their pets as well in order to ensure their safety and well-being.
A few key items pet owners can pack are food, water, medication the pet may need, leash, toys and a pet-sized dust mask.
It is going to be very difficult to gather these things in the midst of a natural disaster, which is why it is important to be prepared.
Having the items mentioned packed in a trunk or somewhere in your car would be a good idea, but one should consider where they are at all times and have some sort of plan.
Being well informed and taking the necessary precautions can put people’s mind at ease when the time comes.
It is easy for Angelenos to hold it off until we feel tremors again, but as mentioned earlier, earthquakes are some of the only natural disasters which have little to no warning time and makes them some of the most dangerous.

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