NetTutor arrives at ELAC

By Melisa Valenzuela

Free help is a click away for new and returning students in the Los Angeles Community College District through the NetTutor online tutoring service.

Tutoring is available for English, Math, English as a Second Language, Statistics and First Year Experience classes. Twenty-four

with in-person tutoring during regular campus hours throughout the year, because we want our students to succeed and to have the best higher education experience we can provide.”

Little is known about the NetTutor service so far. Pauletta Daw, director of the Distance Learning Committee for East Los Angeles College, just found out about the online

hour live tutoring is only available for Math and English at specific times depending on the subject. Paper and essay reviews are offered as well.

Students can access NetTutor by logging into the District’s online portal and clicking the “Online Tutoring” link. As long as students go through their LACCD portal, there is no cost and no additional account registration. The link will direct them to a website where they can self-enroll and select a subject from the menu.

“This is a great service that the District is providing free to all of our students,” LACCD Board of Trustees President Andra Hoffman said in a news release. “The best part about NetTutor is that it’s accessible 24/7. Oftentimes, our students study or do homework late at night, so NetTutor is available on their schedule when they need a little help. Of course, we’ll also continue

tutoring service last week, according to Amanda Ryan- Romo. The Distance Learning Committee communicates with and advises the college on its decision making regarding online learning issues.

“The District picked it without letting any of us know,” said Ryan- Romo, who is the director of ELAC’s Learning Center. The Learning Center offers in-person tutoring in a variety

of subjects such as chemistry, accounting, sociology and more. It also houses a computer lab with all the latest software. “I don’t know why people would do online tutoring. Person-to-person is a lot better,” said Ryan-Romo.

Students seem to agree. “I haven’t tried online tutoring before,” said Amanda Fonseca, ELAC student and frequent user of the math tutoring center. “I think that it would confuse me more. I need to have someone actually explain it to me in person. That’s how I learn best.”

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