OPINION: Netflix to bring ‘Seinfeld’ to new audience in 2021

By Luis Castilla

As an avid “Seinfeld” enthusiast, I could see no better replacement   for “Friends” and “The Office” than the show about nothing over on Netflix.

After having just celebrated its 30th anniversary, new and returning “Seinfeld” fans will soon have a new platform to watch the hit comedy series.

The show about nothing is moving to Netflix in 2021 after a five-year deal that reportedly                     cost the streaming service over half a billion dollars for worldwide streaming rights.

Buying the rights to “Seinfeld” was a power move on Netflix’s part.

It has already lost the streaming rights to “Friends” and “The Office” and will remove both shows from its lineup next year.

That leaves a big hole only Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer, the main cast of “Seinfeld,” could fill.

The ‘90s sitcom is famous for its quick comedic delivery, weird nicknames for minor characters        and bizarre storylines. 

It’s unique in its style of comedy and will immerse viewers in the cast’s shenanigans.

“Seinfeld” was so popular when it originally aired, that the series finale was broadcast over Times Square in 1998.

With Netflix’s acquisition of “Seinfeld,” the sitcom  will find          its home in the hearts of a new, younger audience.

There are not too many timely references younger audiences would not understand.

The comedy revolves mostly around the four main characters and their misadventures in New York City. 

“Seinfeld” is currently streaming on Hulu.

Hulu has a beginner’s guide for “Seinfeld” newcomers and categorizes episodes by topic, making it a more inviting environment for new fans.

“Seinfeld,” however, is the type of show where viewers can be dropped into any one of the 180 episodes and not miss a beat.

It’s a show about nothing so there are no overall storylines or relationships to keep up with.

“Seinfeld” will benefit from the larger audience Netflix has at its disposal.

Netflix has over 139 million subscribers worldwide while Hulu has only 28 million worldwide subscribers.

Netflix’s ad-free streaming subscription is also $3 cheaper  than Hulu.

In a time when current TV shows have become more about social commentary than entertainment, “Seinfeld” is a breath of fresh air, offering nothing but pure comedy.

Today, “Seinfeld” has become a bit of a niche program.

With it gaining a larger audience and becoming more accessible, more fans will be able to enjoy the antics of Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer and, of course, that funky bass intro.

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