OPINION: NFL new rules cause more problems, injuries

CN/ Ivana Amaral

By Sonny Tapia 

The National Football League’s new rules have caused more problems and injuries than they have fixed. In recent years the NFL has talked about making some new changes to the rulebook. 

This season the referees have made it their priority to protect the quarterback and prevent helmet to helmet contact of any nature. Last season in the National Football Conference Championship game the New Orleans Saints played the Los Angeles Rams for a chance at the Super Bowl.

This is considered to be the game that shifted the NFL’s front office to make a change. More specifically the play that caused it was the no-call heard around the world when Los Angeles Rams cornerback Nickell Robey-Coleman obliterated the defenseless New Orleans Saints wide receiver ,Tommylee Lewis.

The NFL added a new review option for offensive and defensive pass interference plays whether a flag was thrown or not.

In the Thursday night game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Green Bay Packers two third quarter defensive pass interference non-calls were seen and both were not overturned.

In an interview with the San Francisco 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman, he said he did not expect consistency with the new rule in place. He feels that a pass interference penalty is an extremely subjective call.

This type of call is subjective because if the referee had a bad day he  will make the call with no contact. Retired NFL referee Terry McAulay said that he believes that the call is subjective as well.

The players have been hindered to a certain play style that is more cautious than anything. They are worrying more about not getting a penalty rather than making a play. 

Many fans of the NFL have noticed that the league has gotten softer. Everything is more about finesse and not grit. More and more players are realizing how sensitive the league has become and they are not liking it.

Los Angeles Rams linebacker Clay Matthews had a first-hand experience with the roughing the passer sensitivity in the game. He had tackled a quarterback after the ball was released according to the referee and received a roughing the passer call giving the opposing team an automatic first down.

Matthews argued the play but the referee did not care to listen. The play was reviewed by their front office of the NFL and they determined that the call was too sensitive.

It seems as though the NFL heads can all see the issues with the new laws being proposed but fail to do anything about them.

Players will continue to argue these rules alongside their coaches and trainers.The NFL said that the review rule for pass interference is under a one-year trial.

This rule has to be revised along with some of the other new rules but all the players and fans want to do is enjoy football again.

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