Sociology Club helps students find sense of belonging

By Miguel Dominguez

The Sociology Club is a welcoming club and a club that gives back to East Los Angeles College and its community.

Francisco Ruedas is club president of the East Los Angeles College Sociology Club and the main goal of the club “is to give back to society and make society a better place” Ruedas said. 

During the last spring semester, the Sociology Club had a clothing drive donation.

“The goal (of the clothing drive) was to create a safe space for students or anybody who was in need of clothes,” Ruedas said. 

He has plans for the club to clean up the campus at least twice a month during the semester.

“That’s our long-term goal, to have these events,” Ruedas said.

 He wants future club presidents to continue these goals. 

The club is planning to have guest speakers during its meetings to discuss gender, sexuality, race, mental health and other topics. The club plans to have field trips for conferences and museums.

“People’s purpose in society is that they want to belong and I feel like the Sociology Club is giving people that place,” Ruedas said. When Ruedas joined the Sociology Club he felt welcomed and felt like he belonged in the club.

He hopes students who are interested in joining  feel the same way he did.

“Everybody is welcomed and as long as you have the common interest in wanting to give back to the community,” Ruedas said.

Desiree Aguilera is secretary of the club and is in her third semester as a member of the Sociology Club.

Aguilera noticed that “The club is a support system.” When Aguilera joined the club, she had members of the club show her around campus.

Aguilera’s goal is for students in the Sociology Club to inform students of the club and encourage them to join.

Marina Aguiar, a current member of the club, has noticed her confidence around people has improved since joining the club.

“We’re all pretty close and it helped out (with my) shyness,” said Aguiar.

“I isolated myself.  I went to class, the cafeteria and my dorm room. That’s it” said Yolanda Trujillo, the newest member of the club. She was attending school at Camarillo and decided to come back home after she felt isolated. 

While attending ELAC, “I had to put myself out of my comfort zone and decided to join the Sociology Club,” Trujillo said.

She was motivated to join the club after attending the club’s meeting with ASU and was engaged on the goals that the Sociology Club was going to bring to the community and the campus.

“Come check us out,” Ruedas told students who are interested in joining the Sociology Club. The club meets on Thursdays from 12:15 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. in F7 207.

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