Vision Club encouranges students to discuss hard topics

By Miguel Dominguez

The Vision Club has been active since 2009 and it continues to inspire students to be critical thinkers by discussing a wide range of topics.

Ryan Ludwig has been adviser of the club since 2009.

It’s called the Vision Club because it helps people create their vision for the future and it heps bring together people who value and appreciate  it Ludwig said. 

Stella Nunez, a member of the club, was interested in their vision because “It covers topics like religion and politics,” she said. 

The Vision Club can discusses topics ranging from religion, politics, health, the universe and how to prepare for a job interview.

Jacob Escobedo, a new member, went to the club rush and out of all the clubs there, the Vision club caught his attention. 

“It’s an open club. You have the freedom of space to kind of talk about whatever you want”  Escobedo said. 

“You get a lot of viewpoints from the games” he said.

Every week the club tries to have an interactive component so students can interact with each other. These activities can range from  skits to games for the students.

Students are given objects and a time limit to do the skits. 

For example, students can be given a water bottle, a stapler and tape as objects and with a time limit of two minutes to create a skit.

“It takes creativity, teamwork, and confidence to pull this off,” Ludwig said.

The purpose of this activity is for students to develop leadership, teamwork and confidence speaking. 

Jose Medina is club president and it’s his first time being in any club. 

“Our main goals (are) to at least have them leave with something new every week and to have a leadership role,” Medina said .

Medina and Ludwig encourage one student each week to do a current event to present to the club and share their thoughts about the topic. 

“Last week we had someone bring in the topic of gun control, which is a heavy topic, and it took 45 minutes discussing that” Medina said.  

Ludwig is also an adviser for the Statistics Club and Psychology Club. He explained how in Vision Club, any topic can be discussed like  politics and biology, whereas in psychology club members can talk about politics but the psychological aspects are the main focus of it.

In the future, the club will be exploring the viewpoints of the candidates for the upcoming elections of 2020 and inform students how the electoral college works.

“We try not to have these biasses that says Ok, ‘We’re not going to cover this person or cover that person.’ We’re going to give any viable candidate kind of equal weight so students can be informed, and they can make their own decisions,” Ludwig said. 

 “I’m open to the students’ ideas.I want them to feel they are part of this club and for them to own this club,” Ludwig said. The club meets on Fridays from 12:30 p.m.-2:30 p.m. in F7- 220. 

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