Volleyball team defends home court against Cerritos College with a 3-0 win

By Gustavo Buenrostro

 Volleyball  dominated on Friday against Cerritos College in a final score of 3-0. 

The game was a revenge from the last time East Los College went against Cerritos were they ended in a 3-2 lost. ELAC close to overturn the score in each round.

ELAC’s next game is a conference  match at Los Angeles Harbor College at 6 p.m.

ELAC was on Cerritos the entire time, barely allowing them to gain double digits in the rounds. Each round ended with ELAC having 25 points, while Cerritos had nine, seven and 10 respectively. 

“The team performed well. They were patient. It was obvious that they were on a mission.  They had good focus,” ELAC head coach Elliot Walker said.

Walker said he hoped that the energy and momentum would carry over to the next game, which was the following day.  Volleyball went against Cerro Coso College on Saturday with the final score being 3-1. Volleyball’s overall record this season is  9-12 and 2-6 in conference. Walker said that if the team keeps up the momentum and wins the rest of their games, they may have a shot at moving forward in the conference to the championships.

 However, he said that it isn’t only up to the ELAC, but the as the other teams that are higher ranked in the conference. 

They need to lose a few games so ELAC can a shot. ELAC  needs to win. 

The two players that did well during Friday’s game were offensive hitter Jimena Gonzalez and setter Samatha Villarreal. 

Gonzalez had 18 kills and one error during the game, with a season overall of 37 kills and 17 errors. 

Villarreal had 40 assists throughout the season and 0 errors.

“The serving was aggressive during the game. The team can rise to the occasion when they want to,” Walker said.

Gonzalez said that this game was a lot better than last time they played against Cerritos. She said that the beginning of the game was a bit slow, but as the game progressed, she felt the energy rise up.

“It felt amazing to get those points. It felt really good to get point after point and I felt energized as (the game) went on,” Gonzalez said.

The next couple of games ELAC volleyball will have are conference games. The  ELAC next game  will be on Oct. 30 against Mount San Antonio College.

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