Classic with vegan twist

go green—Vegan mac and cheese from Avocadamama pair with a drink named Amorcito from Todo Verde. CN/ Melissa Valenzuela

By Melissa Valenzuela

Vegan options are hard to come by and if they are available, they are not always so tasty. 

Smorgasburg Los Angeles is definitely a breath of fresh air that every vegan Angeleno needs.  

The event boasts over 70 vendors and not only sells food but clothing, jewelry, art and other handmade gifts as well.

The food, however, is definitely the best part. 

While there are plenty of meat and seafood stands, some of the best dishes are coming out of the vegan kitchens. 

 Starting off with beverages, the Amorcito from Todo Verde is an instant favorite. 

It’s made with strawberries, rosewater, maple syrup and chia seeds. 

The drink is not too sweet and the subtle taste of the rosewater pairs perfectly with the strawberry flavor. 

The chia seeds add a little bit of texture but they don’t overpower the drink. For a 16 ounce cup it’s six dollars. Enjoy cold and use a straw for the best experience.

For some really good, guilt-free macaroni and cheese, anything from Avocadamama is sure to satisfy. Everything they sell is 100 percent vegan and 100 percent plant-based. 

Their “og mac” is a rigatoni pasta topped with bread crumbs and their own original cheese. 

The only difference between their vegan macaroni and cheese and a regular macaroni and cheese is that the vegan cheese does not have that signature gooey consistency. 

“The ‘og mac’ is definitely one of our most popular macs,” said Nathaniel Perales, co founder of Avocadamama. “There are not a lot of good vegan mac and cheeses, and we wanted to share ours with the world.”

The vegan cheese is more like a sauce but it is delicious nonetheless. The pasta is cooked perfectly, and the bread crumbs add taste and texture. 

The serving size is on the smaller side and it’s also a little expensive at nine dollars.   

No vegan meal would be complete without a vegan dessert. BuddyPops sells vegan ice cream pops in unique flavors. The Very Vanilla is made with coconut milk, vanilla bean and vanilla extract, cane sugar and sea salt. 

The popsicle is creamy and although there is coconut and a little bit of sea salt, they help the vanilla flavor shine through. One pop goes for four dollars.

Smorgasburg LA has so many other delicious vegan options available and this event is proof that there is no better time to go vegan than now.  

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