REVIEW: ‘Luigi’s Mansion 3’ continues goofiness

Running scared—Luigi frantically runs away from King Boo in search for safety. courtesy of nintendo

By Adam Robles

“Luigi’s Mansion 3” once again thrusts the very comedic, goofy and nervous Luigi into a brand new haunted mansion. This is the biggest game that Nintendo has released this year.

The Luigi’s Mansion series has been around since 2001. It’s first sequel “Dark Moon,” released in 2013 on Nintendo’s 3DS. After  waiting that long for the second game, fans were worried about how long it would be for the third game of the series to make its debut.

After six years, rather than 12, the franchise is back and bigger than ever. Luigi’s Mansion is a horror game, but takes place in the Super Mario Universe, so it has a comedic tone too.  

The release of this game is a true gift to fans of the series because it’s on the Nintendo Switch. That means that gamers get to choose whether to explore the mansion at home on the television, in bed, on a road trip or even on the toilet.

Luigi’s Mansion 3, like the other games in its series, is a ghost-hunting adventure with  puzzles to solve in order to progress. With the upgrade in processing power from the 3DS to the Switch, this new game is the most mechanically advanced and polished game to ever release.

In this game, Luigi has awakened after spending a single night in this new mansion only to find out that his friends have been taken hostage. 

It has a very similar plot to the other “Luigi’s Mansion” games, with Luigi  exploring a haunted mansion while looking for his friends. 

The game makes up for its lack of deep storytelling by having a wide variety of fun mechanics, very clean looking graphics, smooth animation and wacky physics.

Nintendo went all-out with this game by designing the physics. In prior games, only certain items were vacuumable by Luigi’s ghost-sucking device. This game allows you to suck and blow on everything.

 All furniture insects, plants, props and wacky objects that can fit through the opening of the vacuum are fair game. 

Other objects, such as basketballs, watermelons and chainsaws that are too big to fit through the opening are still suckable and can be used to  shoot at ghosts.

With the addition of Googi, this game was made so that players can play through the whole story with a friend if they choose to do so. 

Googi is part of a new Gadget that Luigi receives in this game. He is an artificial goo copy of Luigi that can slip through fences and air vents to help get passed certain puzzles. 

With the addition of this co-op story mode, online multiplayer, and Mario Party-like minigames where up to eight players can battle against each other on a single console, “Luigi’s Mansion 3” surpassed expectations by a longshot. 

Due to its multiple modes that give the player the ability to play cooperatively or competitively, this game has infinite replayability.

The rooms are dark, but have very beautiful and unique lighting. The higher floors somehow consist of different themes, even though they are all part of the same mansion. 

The ability to slam ghosts that are resisting capture, is such a fun spin on combat. 

It makes clearing rooms of ghosts much more faster and visually appealing. 

The game is currently priced at $59.99, but is worth it. It’s a full-priced game that gives more content than most games that come out at the same price-point.

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