ELAC LAW provides aid

By Juan Calvillo

Legal issues can be burdensome and anxiety inducing for students, and help can be hard and expensive to find. To help students, the East Los Angeles College Law discipline created the free Legal Aid Clinic Workshop to be held Thursday. 

The Law discipline within the Business Administration Department created ELAC Legal Aid Works, ELAC LAW, through the Strong Workforce Program to facilitate this free pilot legal aid event. 

The event is being coordinated with the help of SAAVE, the Sexual Assault Awareness Violence Education team.

Filemon Samson, professor of Law discipline, said that the event has two specific goals. The event is about helping Law discipline and Administration of Justice students get some real hands-on learning. 

It also aims to answer questions from students when it comes to legal situations they may be involved with.

Samson said two distinct legal categories are included for information and advice, family law and immigration law. 

Things that would be covered within family law include: divorce, spousal support and guardianship.

Under immigration law, information on subjects like public charge, visas and deportation or asylum would be provided.

Students interested in getting hands-on work experience must first be enrolled in either law-related classes or administration of justice classes. 

From there, student participants must apply at http://bit.ly/ELACLegalAidVolunteer. Student participants who complete the application will be taught to help as legal assistants to translators during the event. 

The workshop is meant to provide students with legal training by legal professionals. 

In addition, a $150 stipend will be given to students who work the entire five-hour event.

Students with legal issues or questions on family law or immigration can reserve 30-minute spots for the event at http://bit.ly/ELACLegalAid. Samson said there are some things the students should expect from the get go.

“Students who sign up will be required to give their student ID, so that we can verify that they are students, and their name and email and telephone contact number so that we can follow up with them,” Samson said.

He said that students should be prepared to bring everything they can think of that relate to their legal issues. 

“Bring any information, even if they determined that they don’t think it’s relevant. Bring it anyway,” Samson said. 

This would include things from official letters to plane tickets. Students are encouraged to bring copies,not original documents .

There are a total of 24 family and immigration law appointments each for the event. Samson said that they would be taking some walk-ins the day of, but it will be on a case-by-case basis and depending on attorney availability.

Andrea Owens, co-chair of SAAVE, said that events like the free legal aid clinic are vital to students on campus. 

She said the hope is to see more events like this to continue helping Elans and that the workshop is very much in line with what SAAVE is all about.

“Obviously, this goes very well with the work of the SAAVE Team, because many students need legal help for many different issues. The (ELAC) LAW program and the SAAVE Team are here to spread awareness and help students,” Owens said.

The ELAC LAW free legal aid clinic workshop will be Nov. 21 from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. in the auditorium foyer.

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