Professor speaks on potential opportunities in the psychology field

OPPORTUNITIES IN PSYCH— Psychology professor, Apri Festekjian talks to students about oppurtunies in the field of Psychology. CN/Carolina Ramirez

By Carolina Ramirez

East Los Angeles College psychology club held a Career Pathways in Psych Event where professor Arpi Festekjian spoke to students about possible careers in psychology.

This is the first time the club held this event.

Club president, Brittany Burciaga said “Professor Festekjan is good.

“She shows students what career pathways are available for them.

“Usually the club just talks about concepts of psychology, so this is something new.”

Burciaga also said that professor Festekjian is “known for this presentation.”

Throughout the presentation Festekjian talked about the various psychology degrees that can be achieved at East Los Angeles College and what classes are necessary to embark on each unique pathway into the world of psychology.

Festekjian even gave advice in regards to deciding what career to decide on.
During the presentation, she said

“Choose classes that work for you, not classes that work around your schedule.”

Festekjian went in depth withdifferent types of psychology such as clinical, developmental, social, and counseling psychology.

She gave a brief explanation of each. She stressed that students majoring in psychology should ask themselves “Do you want to work with people? Do you want to do research? How do you want to change lives?”

Throughout her presentation professor Festekjian shared her own experience in choosing psychology.

She shared how she was rejected from all four Ph.D. programs that she applied to.

For that she is grateful because she believes everything happens for a reason.

The psychology club is open to all students regardless of their major. The club meets every Tuesday at12:15 in F-7 226.

To get additional information about the psychology club, you can contact@getpsychedELAC on instagram. New club members are welcomed year round.

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