OK ELAC, it’s time to upgrade to digital

The entire campus needs to get
ahead, leave outdated machinery
behind, and bring in easy to
use print/copy systems to the
academic computer labs.
As a new East Los Angeles
College (ELAC) student, I was
surprised and disappointed in
the current printing and copying
system available in the academic
computer labs.
Digging for change to try to
print out last-minute papers and
projects are the last thing students
need during midterms.
ELAC has provided its
students with ACE GoPrint, a

printing, and copying system, in
all the academic computer labs
throughout campus.
According to the school’s
website, GoPrint allows students
to deposit funds into an account
and print from several open
campus computer labs.
The system is available
throughout campus, in the
Mente Lab, Library, Learning
Assistance Center, and the South
Gate open computer labs.
It is accessible to all students
with current ACE accounts,
which can be accessed using
their current student ID.
It offers color printing for only
$0.25 per page and black and
white print for $0.05 per page.
Learning about this current
ACE account for printing is

excellent news, but here is the
catch, it only takes cash and not
a card or Apple Pay.
According to CNBC, an
increasing number of Americans
say they do not carry cash.

CNBC reports that millennials
are paving the way among
people ditching bills and coins
for the favor of credit, debit,
and digital payments through
mobile applications like Apple
Pay, Venmo and Zelle.
Coming from another
community college that does
practice modern payment
methods, I was shocked by
walking into the campus library
to print, only to I couldn’t due
to not having any spare change.
There I was in the library
having to ask another college
student for $0.25.
The printing and copying
system offered at ELAC is a
good one, but it just needs to be
updated to suit modern payment
methods and provide efficiency.

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