One-stop is not enough

For many students, the East Los
Angeles College (ELAC) shuttle is
the only form of transportation to
arrive at the South Gate campus.
Although it is a great resource to
have, the location of the bus stop
makes is less accessible to many
It would be best if an additional
waiting location was added to
the bus route, preferably on the
opposite side of the current stop to
tend to more students.
It would alleviate the stress of
students only having one location
to take the shuttle. The line to

wait for the shuttle bus becomes
incredibly long, and when you are
toward the back, there is no telling
if you will be able to get a seat.
Those who do not end up getting
a seat then either have the option to
wait for the next bus or standing in
the bus until the bus driver arrives
on campus.
Students who have to stand the
entire half-hour to get to South
Gate may get seriously hurt if there
is ever an accident.
The bus stop does not benefit
the people who come out of their
class late and are across campus;
therefore, they may possibly miss
their chance to arrive at their next
class at the South Gate campus.
With two shuttle buses, running

at the same time and having two
separate bus stop locations would
allow other students to have access
to ride to the ELAC South Gate
Students who have a class further
away from the bus stop sometimes
do not get to the bus in time to find
a seat or even enter at all because
of how congested it gets.
An obvious solution would be
to take the double-decker bus, but
students cannot always depend on
that bus.

I have not seen the double-
decker running all semester, and it

dramatically disadvantages many students.

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