Unsanitary women’s locker rooms

women’s locker room has needed a
bit of deep cleaning for a while now.
Located in the C1 building for
mainly gym and health classes,
the women’s locker room has been
through a lot.
One of the many things is the
result of last year’s food drive.
Many cans and packs of food
were left in the showers of the locker
room, and are now being used for

this year’s food drive.
This, unfortunately, was not the
solution, as a member of the East
Los Angeles volleyball team said,
“The showers were unusable because
you have boxes of food from a year
The food in the showers was
the least of many worries. Other
problems that the locker room has
are the bugs that come along with
those bottles and cans located in the
shower room.
There were roaches, both water
bugs and flying nightmares

worst of all, ants.

The ants covered almost
everything in the room.
They crawled along the edges of,
the whole floor, couches and they
even had one specific locker they
would all crawl into.
They had their own locker. Even
the roaches that died were being
feasted on by ants.
Toilets in the locker room are basically just for decoration. They are not pretty though.
The restroom attached to it is
extremely unsanitary. The trash
sometimes does not get thrown out
for days causing ants to appear. The

restroom itself smells. The stink is
like something decaying mixed in
with sewage.
Along with the smell came the
bugs. They were tiny and harmless.
They looked like small moths
or bigger nats and they were
surrounding the toilets.
Most of the girls believe it’s the
sewage pipes, however one girl,
Arianna Gomez said, “I have a
conspiracy theory. I think somebody
died in the walls or pipes.”
I am starting to believe that
At one point in the year, the

restrooms were running out of soap.
The soap dispenser did not get
refilled until about two weeks later.
One less serious problem with
the locker room is the temperature
control. Usually, it is hot in the
locker room, but to remedy that, a
fan is used.
At some point in the year, things
were stolen in the locker room, like
Not only I, but the women using
the locker room started to feel

a little
unsafe in there.

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