A quiet place to study

Not all students are the same, they come from a variety of different backgrounds and ethnic groups. Some students find going to school as a grueling task, while others enjoy interacting with their peers.  Some have the luxury to go home in between classes, while some are forced to stay at school since the commute home is an inconvenience. Personal time is hard to come by while at school all day, so a quiet place to study is essential to help get through a long grueling day.

Not all students drive to school, some students commute by taking the bus. While waiting for the bus, they are left with leisure time to get food or study. For some students, it’s the perfect time for a breather. Students that drive have the luxury of relaxing in their car to sit alone in silence.

There are study rooms scattered around campus, however, some students prefer studying in the quiet parts of campus. A library is a great place for students to relax and study, however, not all students are keen on these crowded environments. Some weary students reserve study rooms so that they can have some personal time.

The library has many amenities for students to use, there are couches, silent study booths, tables, and study rooms. Some students are not able to focus while doing homework at home because of the loud family members, so they do their work at school where there are fewer distractions.

The study rooms are packed a majority of the time and can be quite loud, so a weary student would steer clear and find peace elsewhere. The empty hallways of quiet buildings are a good place for students to seek refuge during their day when they need some personal time. Some students would like to sit in silence while working and think about how they are going to take on the day.

The cafeteria is a hub for students, they are able to buy food and mingle with their peers. Some students bring their laptops and game consoles to the cafeteria to hang out with their friends. Students also have the luxury of buying food from the student store, vending machine or fast food joints across the street on the east side of campus.

Some students like to socialize with their peers, however, others like to go straight home after class or have to go straight to work. Students that work have little to no leisure time, so their waiting time in between classes can be a breather. Some students like to look around on the higher levels of buildings they have class into people watch or to have a little break.

There are benches and tables scattered everywhere across campus, students are able to sit in silence or mingle with their peers. Albert Meija, a third-year student said when he has time to spare in between classes he likes to sit at one of the tables near the G5 building. Meija lives walking distance from school and occasionally stick around after class to sulk at the moment.

Not all students have the same social capacity as others, socializing with their peers can be grueling and tasking to some. When class is over they go straight home; but not all students are able to do the same, so they sit in the more secluded areas of campus and wait for their transportation.

A quiet place to study is essential for students that want to focus on their work. Sitting in silence allows one to think about how they’re going to take on the day. It also allows students to recharge their energy so that they are able to do more work. Working in silence allows the student to carefully analyze their assignments and helps them turn in more confident work.

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