Eating during class

Students should be able to eat during class. Professors should not set the rule to not be able to eat or have drinks in class. Some professors have that rule because they might not want the classroom to get dirty or messy. Others set that rule for reasons they do not disclose as to why.

Every student has a different schedule for school and what goes on in their lives. Some have worked either part-time or full time and do not have the time to eat. As they can be in a rush from one location to the other with no time in between to eat. Only able to pass by and grab something to go and eat it at whatever their last location might be.

No matter what the situation may be as to why a student has not had the chance to eat a meal when they finally can and want to eat in a classroom they should be allowed too. Not every professor has the rule that students can not eat in class. Which is nice and allows students a break to catch up on a meal. It is not harmful to anyone but I do understand the possibility of some students getting distracted.

A student at ELAC gave his take on eating in class, and how he is fine with it but it really comes down to what type of food. As it can possibly be a distraction to some but all depending on the person. Brian Recinos explains “It depends on the food, so not like chips that can be distracting and loud maybe softer foods like bread or sandwiches and things like that.” Brian is the type of student to not eat in class, who would rather eat in-between gap periods.

A professor at ELAC also commented on this matter whether he allows students to eat in class or not. Dr. Kashif Powell said he was fine with it, he goes on to say “Its okay with me, we are busy people on the go who don’t always have the time to eat and it’s easier to grab and go, as long as it’s not a distraction I’m fine with it.” It is liberating knowing that being in his class and me as one of his students would not get in trouble for trying to eat or drink something other than water. If I were ever to be in a position of a jammed packed busy day with barely any time to eat a meal, knowing I can in class with him is a relief.

As adults in college, we should know with common sense to clean up after yourself. No matter what mess it may be big or small, students should have the decency to not make a mess. Although I am aware that not every student is respectful and there can be that one student who left a mess and ruin it for the rest of the class to ever be able to eat in the classroom again. Being mindful of others and your surroundings are the way to go. So if a student wants to have their meal in class, they should be more than allowed too.

Fabiola Cerda


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