ELAC’s sanitary standards

East Los Angeles College is home to thousands of students that have different preferences of cleanliness. Some students like to keep their environment clean, while some students don’t mind the filthiness. Littering seems like an outdated offense, however, it is prevalent and seen all over campus on a daily basis.

Different cultures have different ideas and standards of hygiene. People often represent their values in the practices they partake in when a student litters they’re only doing so because they’ve been enculturated to see no problem in doing so. The students that litter must come from families that have little to no regard toward the wellbeing of their environment.

The parking structures are always littered with trash from students every single day. Some students would rather throw their trash on the floor then walk a few yards away to the closest trash can. There is trashcan located in the parking structures toward each staircase, however, they are almost always overflowed with garbage. When the parking structures are empty they look like a barren wasteland with trash bags as tumbleweeds laying around everywhere. Students that like to litter in the parking structure treat it like their own messy bedroom.

Business card left by students is another form of waste that is being littered on the daily. Some students promote their business by putting cards on the windshield of people’s cars, but they always tend to be not interested and throw them on the ground. It is hard to pick up all the business cards, so some of them are picked up by the wind and littered somewhere else.

The restrooms are always filthy, some students don’t know how to respect the amenities. There are times where trash is thrown on the floor because the trash can is filled to the brim. There is always an excessive amount of trash due to the unnecessary usage of extra paper towels that are needed to dry hands. Some students use more resources than others, which causes an overflow of trash and lack of supplies for other students. There are many times where paper towel has run out and students aren’t able to dry their hands after washing.  

The parking lot next to the football field is notorious for its filth. Although there is a restroom next to the parking lot, some weary students urinate and defecate in the lot when others are not around. Some students lack respect and basic ethics, it is shown in their actions. There are trash cans toward the entrances of the parking lot, however, there are students that throw their garbage near the trashcan but not into it. Their lack of effort and concern makes them seem like questionable characters.

Drinking alcohol in public is illegal and inappropriate, however, there are students that drink different types of alcoholic beverages and litter their bottles in the parking structures. It is unsure and questionable if the intoxicated student drove home or went to class after drinking the beverage. The fact that students are willing to get intoxicated in the wrong environment shows that they lack the social competence of an ethical adult.

Home is where a person makes it, some people are proud of where they come from while others loathe and reject it. Wealthy students are accustomed to a high standard of cleanliness while some impoverished students are not as concerned about cleanliness. Some families clean their house daily however not all houses are clean, there are families that neglect their living space until it is uninhabitable.

 People that don’t respect themselves and the spaces they occupy are detrimental to the community, as they express themselves in ways that demean others and trash places like their home. Students need to respect the campus so that everyone can go about their day peacefully.  

Melvin Bui


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