OPINION: Internet brings comfort to buying gifts

CN/ Steven Adamo

By Adam Robles

The concept of Black Friday has always been very pointless and needs a readjustment.

With the growth of technology and the whole Black Friday concept in general being extended in length, the shopping day has seemingly lost its spark.

After many rough holiday cycles, Black Friday seems to always have the same deals and isn’t much of the spectacle it used to be.

Yes, holiday sales of any altitude are always a blessing, but with online shopping available, there is almost no reason to physically shop on Black Friday.

During the prime years of physically shopping on Black Friday (pre-2015), there were cases of customers being injured and even killed while rushing into storesor ghting over items with othercustomers.

There are a bunch of videos on YouTube and there have been reports on the news of these instances occurring.

The increasing trend of customers switching over to exclusively shopping online is a smart decision.

It’s a great redistribution of customers because it makes the shopping day safer for everyone involved.

On top of that, this is a smart consumer-decision because it saves both time and, possibly, money.

When physically shopping during Black Friday, consumers must balance all the Thanksgiving dinner preparations and servings with also having to go out afterwards and pick a minimal amount of stores to go to so that the time and gas wasted is as small as possible.

After all the holiday struggling, the customer must also wait in an extremely long line that’s similar to waiting in line for a ride at Six Flags, just to spend money on a gift that isn’t a necessity.

It also seems to defeat the whole being-thankful ideology of Thanksgiving. Shoppers can be thankful one second, then run out and possibly puts their lives in danger just to get a discount on a new television, game or whatever hot new item is on sale.

Shopping online is the best way to go because it allows the customer to browse the sales of various stores from the comfort of their home.

This will allow customers to find the best deals for a specific item rather than having to settlefor what they nd when they’re outand about.

Along with all of these positives, the stress of workers being cornered by their bosses into working on holidays decreases because less people are going into stores to do their shopping.

There’s also less of a likelihood of people being injured and killed on this day so police and ambulance drivers who would’ve been on-call get to stay home.

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