OPINION: College program destroys college experience

By Jonathan Bermudez

The College Promise program ruins the college experience that new students should have for themselves.

The program gives first-year students two free years of collegewith other benefits.

Its requirements are taking a class in the summer and going to orientation for the school students are applying to within the district of Los Angeles.

However, they don’t tell students that they have to take English classes and counseling classes that are part of the program.

These classes that I’m taking are part of the program and don’t feel like college classes. They are more like high school classes.

Most of the students interrupt the class and they never participate. These classes are the only classes I’m taking that are like this.

My regular classes are filled withstudents who are either sophomores or freshmen, teens or even people in their 30s.

They feel like college classes where all the students seem like they want to be there, that they want to learn.

My College Promise classes, however, do not feel that way. The students don’t care to be there. Most of them just want to leave or joke about dropping out.

This is a big problem with the College Promise program; they don’t tell students everything that is required to remain in the program.

Students need to take 40 hours of tutoring for any subject, visit

workshops and fill out a grade verification form that all their teachers need to sign.

This puts stress on those students. We have the responsibility of passing the classes we are taking and now we have to do things that the College Promise program is forcing us to do or else our free two years are gone.

A lot of the counselors say college is not like high school and that no one would be holding out their hand, but the College Promise program does exactly that.

They make students join these classes that are supposed to get them comfortable with college, but it just feels too comfortable.

I don’t feel the independence that one is supposed to feel in college when I am in the program. I feel like I am back in high school and high school was worse for me.

I do not want to feel like that when I am at college. I want to be free and not miserable like I was in high school.

I want to be happy to show up to class, but I don’t. The only good thing about the classes is the professors, but the students and the program are the problem.

I feel like I am constantly being lied to by the program. I’m always being told new things about it that I haven’t heard of before, like taking mandatory classes or having tochoose one of the benefits that comewith the program instead of getting all of them.

The students ruin the experience because they trigger flashbacks about how high school was for me, and it sucks. I thought college was going to be a new start for me, but I was wrong.

The program needs to stop lying to students, and they need to stop holding out hands.

It’s contradicting to the whole idea of being independent in college and making our own decisions.

It keeps us unprepared for what actual college is like and it can become a bigger issue in the future.

I want to believe in the program and that the students will get better, but now they are forcing us to take cohorts, so I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

It looks like I’m going to be stuck with the same students who just don’t take the class seriously.

I can’t wait to transfer so I can get a better experience from another college.

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