OPINION: In-store shopping grants unique experiences during holidays

CN/ Steven Adamo

By Julie Santiago

Black Friday will always be around because nothing compares to physically shopping in a store.

Despite the rise of online shopping and days like Cyber Monday, Black Friday is still popular and evolving with the times.

Black Friday unofficially marks the beginning of the holiday season and has become an activity for many families to enjoy after their Thanksgiving dinner.

Ultimately, and in recent years, Black Friday has more to do with the experience of shopping than the actual deals.

Year round and online deals may sometimes have similar or better offers, but nothing compares to actually being among the holiday madness.

Accounting professor and former Assistant Controller of the Del Amo Fashion Center Jennifer Alvarado said malls are morphing into places

where people go to have a shared experience.

“It might be less about getting the bargain item because those items are available online, but people go to the mall to have the traditional Black Friday shared experience,” said Alvarado.

The Christmas music and cheer, rush, late hours and excitement all add to the overall experience.

While working at New York and Company at the Cerritos mall, former Elan Francisco Sol got to experience Black Friday shoppermadness rst-hand.

“I’ll never forget it. It was two older ladies looking at the same pile of clothes and I guess they saw a cute blouse. So they started arguing and playing tug of war for that shirt. The funny part was that there was more of that same shirt,” said Sol.

Sol said he personally enjoys shopping on Black Friday largely in part due to the experience. When Sol was younger, he said, he liked to tag along with his older brothers shopping.

“It was more about being with my brothers and messing around, the memories. The deals [are] usually always better online,” said Sol.

In a January 2013 study published via Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, researchers found that while many people prefer shopping on Cyber Monday, due to its convenience, shoppers still enjoyed shopping on Black Friday.

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